Legacy Gift Program

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Supporting Organ Donor Families in Their Time of Need

The Legacy Gift program was established to provide financial assistance to individuals and families touched by organ donation. Assisting with needs such as burial expenses, utilities, rent, and more, Taylor’s Gift Foundation works to help those who are facing immediate need. 

By partnering with Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) that include ARORASouthwest Transplant Alliance (STA)LiveOnNY, and LifeGift, Taylor’s Gift is able to work hand in hand with these partners to fulfill the immediate needs of organ donor families.

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Where We Work

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  It is our hope and goal to expand this program to serve donor families in every state.

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ARORA serves a population of 2.5 million in the state of Arkansas. 


“ARORA’s purpose is to restore lives. The restoration of life happens not only at transplantation but the generosity to give life to another can be restorative in the midst of an unexpected and tragic loss.  In our support of donor families, we are grateful to partner with Taylor’s Gift in assisting families in a continuum of care in ways we are not able.”

-Alan Cochran, President and Executive Director of ARORA





LifeGift serves a population of 10 million people in the state of Texas.


“LifeGift is pleased to work with Taylor’s Gift Foundation in an effort to offer more hope to families who have experienced the loss of a loved one and donated lifesaving organs and tissue for transplantation. The Foundation helps donor families in difficult situations, after the donation has occurred, specifically with resolving financial burdens after experiencing a traumatic loss.”

-  Kevin Myer, President and CEO of LifeGift





LiveOnNY serves a population of 13 million people in the greater New York metropolitan area.


“Organ donation is not only about those who receive, it is very much about those who give and the families of those who give. We commend Taylor’s Gift for their vision to support donor families in a meaningful way that the NYODN and other organ recovery organizations are unable to provide.”

-  Helen Irving, President and CEO of LiveOnNY





Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA)

STA serves a population of 7.3 million in the state of Texas.


“STA helps families through the emotional and logistical process of donating a loved one’s organs, but, like all OPOs, we are prevented by law from providing direct financial assistance. Legacy Gift grants through the Taylor’s Gift Foundation often help donor families in important ways that STA can’t.”

- Patricia Niles, President and CEO of STA