You Still Have Time to Make an Impact in 2017

In 2017, Taylor's Gift Foundation financially supported 68 organ donor families who have suddenly lost a loved one. Despite the sadness of their loss, there remains a bright hope for the gift that their loved one shared after their passing. Over 60 families were supported through the Legacy Gift program, which means over 60 individuals chose to give the ultimate gift of life through their passing.


(A note from a family supported through the Legacy Gift program)

Taylor's Gift Foundation is the only organization in the nation that assists organ donor families in a time of immediate need.

The Legacy Gift program is currently helping organ donor families in Arkansas, New York, and Texas and our goal is to provide this resource to all organ donor families across the United States. With your support, we can reach that goal!

Here are a few ways to give back to Taylor's Gift Foundation:

  1. Give financially. Support Taylor's Gift through an online one-time or monthly gift.

  2. Explore non-cash options. Did you know Taylor's Gift accepts a wide range of non-cash gifts? Getting a new car?  Please think of gifting your former vehicle to us and get a tax write off in return.

  3. Give stocks or other assets. Instead of contributing a financial gift, consider giving stocks or assets to support the work of Taylor's Gift.

Thank you again for your kind and thoughtful support of Taylor's Gift. May you end this year with special memories as you plan for all of the beauty that awaits in the new year.

Outlive Yourself,


Emily Allbright,

Executive Director



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