Will You Join Us On North Texas Giving Day?


North Texas Giving Day is two months away! Don't miss this opportunity to have your giving increased through the matching gift program to support the mission and work of Taylor's Gift Foundation! 

Last year we surpassed our goal of $5,000 and raised over $8,000 to support Taylor's Gift Foundation! Will you help us raise even more this next year?

We've set an ambitious goal of $10,000 - but with your support - we know we can reach this goal!

How does it work?

1. Visit the Taylor's Gift Foundation page on the North Texas Giving Day website on  September 14th, 2017 between 6:00AM and 12 Midnight CST. 

2. Make a contribution directly through the North Texas Giving Day website.

3. Your contribution will be increased through the matching gift program! 

That's it! 

It's really that simple to give a contribution to Taylor's Gift Foundation on North Texas Giving Day! In fact, any contribution amount from anywhere in the world is accepted on this day. This means, if you're traveling, or if you don't live in the North Texas area, you can still give! 

Support Taylor's Gift Foundation on this day to help meet our goal of raising $10,000 to support our mission of Regifting Life, Renewing Health and Restoring Families

 #OutliveYourself #NTXGivingDay 


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