We Have A BIG Announcement... Taylor's Gift Has an Executive Director!

taylorsgiftisgrowingIn January of last year, I was nervous about a solo speaking engagement I was giving to a small mothers group. I had grown comfortable speaking with my husband, Todd, by my side but speaking alone was still so new to me. Thankfully, this sweet group of women quickly eased my nerves and made me feel welcome.

After my presentation, while signing books and chatting with them, I was approached by Emily, one of the moms from the audience. When she introduced herself she stood out immediately, and I knew there was something special about her -  not only was she was confident, kind, and humble, she was so inspired by Taylor’s Gift Foundation that she lit up talking about it. As we said goodbye, she she wanted to stay in touch, mentioning that she worked with a national non-profit and graciously offered her guidance in anyway she could.

Perfect Timing

Of course we would meet Emily just as Todd and I were beginning to discuss how we wanted to expand and grow Taylor’s Gift. She was very gracious with her time and encouragement, and we quickly found out how well respected she was in the non-profit sector. It wasn’t long before she became someone that Todd and I turned to often, seeking direction and advice for the foundation where we needed it.

As the momentum of Taylor’s Gift increased, and our leadership team was growing, we knew it was time for us to hire an Executive Director. This was a huge decision for Todd and I to consider, and we knew it would take someone very special to fill this role. Taylor’s Gift has been our “baby” for the last five years and together we’ve been involved in almost every detail, every decision, and every high and low.

As we approached the search for the right person, we leaned on Emily for her expertise. We knew that with her non-profit network, someone incredible would rise to the top. A few weeks after we announced that we were actively seeking an Executive Director, I called Emily to ask her a few questions. At the end of our conversation she surprised me when she said, “I really think I’m interested in your Executive Director position.” My jaw dropped and I had a gigantic smile at the same time…I couldn’t believe it! I was overjoyed that she wanted to be considered as a candidate!

Each of our incredible candidates interviewed with myself, Todd, and our Board of Directors. With every interview, Emily continued to rise to the top. After several interviews and meetings, lots of prayerful consideration, and many conversations, we felt that Emily was the perfect fit for Taylor’s Gift. How honored we are that Emily Allbright has joined Taylor’s Gift Foundation! We are confident that she will be an enthusiastic leader and take us to the next level as an organization as we continue the momentum.

Meet Emily

EmilyHeadshot5copyEmily Allbright is a Dallas native, married to her husband Greg and mother to their 2 year old son. She earned her Bachelors degree in social work from Texas Christian University, and her Masters degree in social work from The University of Texas at Arlington. Emily has over 14 years experience working with non-profit organizations, with background in fundraising, volunteer development, and event management. She is incredibly warm, very smart and has a great personality and we think you are going to love what she has to bring to Taylor’s Gift.

Please join us in welcoming Emily Allbright to Taylor’s Gift Foundation!

Read the Official Press Release

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