Outlive Yourself, Each & Every Day: “Do Small Things with Great Love”

Written by Maggie Gross, 2012 Taylor's Gift Scholarship Recipient

When I first started thinking about my ‘Outlive Yourself’ pledge, the answer was simple: I will make a difference in the lives of others. My dream job – a job that will make a difference – is an extension of a childhood passion of mine. When I was little, I spent many hours with my sister and friends playing with baby dolls and playing hospital. My senior year of high school, after shadowing a labor and delivery nurse, I knew I had found what I was meant to do. Now, as a senior nursing student at Texas Christian University, I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

The Smallest Things Can Have the Greatest Impact

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Outlive Yourself: Find Blessings in the Trials

Editors Note: Did you know that you’re probably already doing something to Outlive Yourself? Registering to be an organ donor is just one of the many ways to Outlive Yourself, but that’s just the beginning. Meet Austin, one of our 2014 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship Winners. Read about how he Outlives Himself through his journey with type one diabetes. Keep reading to learn more about how to apply for the 2015 Scholarship!

Written by Austin Fuerst, 2015 Scholarship Winner

I grew up going to middle school with Taylor Storch, and we even had a few classes together. The life that she brought to even the most boring of school science projects is hard to describe. But somehow, she made it look easy. The impact that Taylor had on my life growing up helped shape my view on life and, especially, how I wanted to live it.

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Outlive Yourself: Living Intentionally

Written by Dylan Woodbury, 2014 Scholarship Winner

Dylan is a freshman studying Psychology at Baylor University. She is planning on using her degree to become a child and family therapist. Dylan loves her life at Baylor and is grateful for all the amazing experiences she’s had thus far. She can’t wait to see all God has in store for her in the years to come. Sic ’Em  Bears. Sic ’Em Taylor’s Gift.

To me, outliving yourself means leading an intentional life. It is living with a purpose. For me, it's simply loving God and loving others. This intentional lifestyle involves using what I have gone through to help those around me. It is exactly what Todd and Tara Storch have done with Taylor's Gift Foundation. They have changed so many lives by intentionally using their loss and everything they have gone through, for good. Because of their courage to share Taylor's story with the world, countless people have been blessed.

Our Own Story

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Outlive Yourself: Eternal Roots

Written by Leslie Allen, 2014 Scholarship Winner

Leslie is a freshman studying Nutrition Science at Baylor University in Waco, TX, with aspirations of becoming a registered dietitian. She is absolutely loving the new experiences and friendships that come with being a college student, and has no doubt that Baylor is where God has called her to be. Leslie shares Taylor’s story every opportunity she gets, and desires to exemplify the Outlive Yourself spirit on campus at Baylor each day.

My perspective on what it means to Outlive Yourself, and on all of life, really, has changed dramatically over the past 18 months. My once naïve eyes have been opened to the heartbreaking pain of this world, along with the strength and sovereign power of God’s love. 

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Make a Difference in the World - Outlive Yourself

Written by Madison Coleman, 2013 Scholarship Winner

Madison is a 2013 Scholarship recipient from Coppell, Texas. She is a freshman at Texas A&M University pursuing a degree in Allied Health in hopes of becoming a nurse in her future. She would love to spend a year doing medical mission work and hopes to continue her education to specialize in Endocrinology or Orthopedics. She is thoroughly enjoying all the ways college is giving her to further her education and meet a wide variety of new people. Not only this, but college has provided her with the perfect opportunities to truly outlive herself.


In today's society, the idea to outlive oneself seems to have become lost. If anything, society tells us to live strictly in ourselves working to do everything in our power to live for oneself, which - to me - is completely and utterly wrong in every possible way. The world as we know it needs more people to be willing to step out of their comfort zones and live for a greater purpose that goes above and beyond themselves. To me, ‘Outlive Yourself’ means to step up and do what we are called to do: it means to make a difference in the world.

Knowing Where to Start

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My Family's Miracle: When Organ Donation Became a Part of my Everyday Life

Written By Hannah Goralski, 2013 Taylor's Gift Scholarship Winner

Hannah is a 2013 Scholarship recipient from Naperville, Illinois.  A freshman at Loyola University Chicago, she is pursuing a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Spanish and Sports Management in hopes of working in community relations for a Major League Baseball team. Hannah is the daughter of a kidney transplant recipient and the sister of the kidney donor. Organ donation is something she holds very dear to her heart.

Organ donation is an incredibly amazing process and an experience that would not have crossed my mind if my father was not put on the waiting list for a kidney three years ago. Now, every morning, as I put on my Donate Life bracelet and head out the door, I am reminded of organ donation and my family’s miracle from the priceless gift of life.

A Personal Connection

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Making an Impact for Organ Donation

Written by Ginny Randall, 2013 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship Winner

Ginny Randall is a 2013 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship winner from Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville, Illinois. She is a freshman at Vanderbilt University pursuing a degree in Women and Genders Studies and Public Policy, in hopes of improving the lives of women and children around the country through nonprofits or public service organizations.

Every day that has passed since I arrived on Vanderbilt’s campus - thanks to the help of the Taylor’s Gift Foundation Scholarship - I have learned and relearned the message that is so central to Taylor’s Gift: ‘Outlive Yourself.

Challenged and Changed

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Close to my Heart: Organ Donation & 'Outlive Yourself'

Written By Kaitlyn McClew, 2013 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship Winner

Kaitlyn is a 2013 Taylor's Gift Scholarship winner from Coppell, Texas. She is a freshman at Texas A&M University pursuing and degree in International Studies and a minor in French, in hopes to work with a Non-Profit in West Africa.

As a child, I was born into the .01% of American children with a heart defect and misplaced valves. Venosus Atrial Septal Defect means that I had un-oxygenated blood circulating throughout my body. My heart had swollen to a dangerous size with the task of keeping me alive. By a miracle, it was discovered in a routine check-up.

It Felt Like a Second Chance

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Proud to be a Registered Organ Donon, Passionate to Pursue Purpose

Written By Zoe Krey, 2013 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship Winner

Zoe is a proud 2013 Taylor's Gift Scholarship winner from Metea Valley, Illinois. She is a freshman at DePaul University pursuing a degree in Political Science in hopes of adding a minor in professional writing in her future. She is an organ donor and encourages others to become donors as well. Zoe can't wait to continue on her journey to obtaining a degree, making new friends and learning so much about life in the process.

As I head off to college this fall, my world and surroundings are about to take a complete 360 degree turn. I’m so excited to start living on my own, make new friends, and be challenged academically, but with this excitement comes the challenge of ultimately staying true to who I am. I have the ability to reinvent myself in a place where no one knows anything about me.

However, I know that through my faith, I will continue to outlive myself through every step of the way. I will strive to make a difference in my new surroundings just as I have in my old. I will foster positive relationships with those around me. I will continue to be completely and utterly the best possible version of myself. To ‘Outlive Yourself is to think beyond your own perspective and to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. I can’t wait to experience so many new things this year and learn about so many different outlooks on life.

Outlive Yourself: In My Life

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Experiencing 'Outlive Yourself' Beyond Registering to Become an Organ Donor

Written by Cambrea VanKammen, Taylor's Gift Scholarship Winner

Cambrea is a 2013 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship winner from Aurora, Illinois. She is a freshman at Brigham Young University-Idaho pursuing a degree in Spanish Education. She will spend 18 months in Puerto Rico on a service mission for the LDS church beginning March 2014. After, she will return to school in hopes of educating young people, helping them accomplish their goals, and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

This phrase, while simple and only two words, says so much. 'Outlive Yourself'. It says, go the extra mile; be an active participant in your community; shine! The words ‘Outlive Yourself are not just a phrase that is catchy and easy to remember, but rather a reminder for a way of life.

Outlive Yourself: In My Life

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