Standing Out and Learning to Leave a Legacy

This post is written by Rebekah Moomau, a Taylor's Gift Scholarship recipient. 

To me, “Outlive Yourself” means to leave a legacy. Not only a legacy after death, but also a legacy and a positive impact anywhere you go. By portraying this attitude, you have the opportunity to positively influence a variety of individuals who meet you throughout your life.

Organ donation has made a huge impact on my life. Not too long ago, a family friend was in need of a heart transplant. After already having a transplant at a young age, it came time again that he was in need of a new, healthier heart. He was placed towards the top of the transplant list because of the level of necessity. It was a very hard and stressful time, but a new heart became available within a week. It was truly a miracle, and if it hadn’t been for the individual who decided to be an organ donor, he might still not be with us today. Organ donation is such an important decision because of the major impact it can have. It not only affects the recipient, but it also influences family and friends.

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Going to College with a New Perspective

This post is written by Alejandro Gonzalez, a Taylor's Gift Scholarship recipient. 

Going to college comes with many exciting new things: a new environment, new friends, and most importantly, a new place to call home. Beginning a new life with more independence and new people may be difficult, but despite the many changes that take, living with an “Outlive Yourself“ spirit will continue to be one of my top priorities.

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Learning About Life: How I Learned to Leave a Legacy

This post is written by Geneva Werner, a Taylor's Gift Scholarship recipient. 

The past semester, I have reflected on what it means to “outlive yourself” and how I can integrate it into my life. The idea of being bigger than yourself and leaving an impact on those you interact with is something that we all strive for. It can be hard to know how to go about “outliving yourself” but I believe I have discovered a portion of what this means  through the lens of my own life.
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Now Accepting Applications for the 2016 Taylor's Gift Scholarship, Presented by NIKE North America Merchandising

Applications for the 2016 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship are now open!

Since 2011, Taylor’s Gift Foundation has awarded scholarships to a total of 20 high school seniors who have gone above and beyond their academics and athletics, and made a truly positive impact in the world around them. We are thrilled to announce that NIKE North America Merchandising will be presenting the Taylor’s Gift Scholarship for the second year in a row. Read the history of Taylor’s Gift Scholarships.

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Taylor’s Legacy Lives on Through Students Living with an Outlive Yourself Spirit

We are so honored to have the personal support from employees of Nike North America Merchandising for the 2015 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship. This scholarship seeks students that are not only excelling academically but going above and beyond with an Outlive Yourself spirit, something that falls in line with Nike’s mission to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world."

With so many incredible applicants for this year's scholarship, narrowing down to just five students was a difficult decision for committee members. It is with great honor and joy that we proudly announce our 2015 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship Recipients:

Congratulations to Alejandro Gonzalez, Allison Lipovsky, Rebekah Moomau, Geneva Werner, and Christopher Zhou!

“...these students are absolutely incredible and without ever meeting them, it’s crystal clear that they exude ‘Outlive Yourself' all in aspects of their lives! I not only feel immensely grateful to have been involved in this process, but also completely inspired to continue championing ‘Outlive Yourself’ in my daily life, and encouraging others to do so as well. THANK YOU for allowing Nike to be a part of your amazing organization!”

- Nike Employee and 2015 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship Committee Member

Meet the 2015 Scholarship Recipients

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