Sharing the Message of 'Outlive Yourself'

Did you catch Co-founder of Taylor's Gift Foundation, Tara Storch, on several different media channels in Houston this past week? If not, we've got the lineup listed below!

Tara visited Fox 26, NBC 2, and KRBE Radio in Houston to share the message and mission of Taylor's Gift Foundation. The Taylor Blue nail polish and upcoming Top Golf event in Houston were just a few of the topics discussed during the interviews. Tara also discussed the story behind the Foundation and encouraged viewers and listeners to "Outlive Yourself" in all that they do. Check out the wonderful interviews below!

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Faith, Life, and Taylor’s Story: Just a Few Reasons for Registered Organ Donors

Organ donation is a beautiful thing and we love sharing some of the many reasons that inspire and encourage you to become registered organ donors. 

Why I Became a Registered Organ Donor... 

“The option to give someone else a second chance in life is what inspired me to become a registered organ donor. I see so many people hurting--and even dying--because they are waiting for a life-saving transplant to continue living their life. If just ONE person can benefit through my donation, then I am willing to be an organ donor. After God calls me home, I will be a blessing to someone else. Be blessed.” - Julie W.

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Taylor’s Legacy Lives on Through Students Living with an Outlive Yourself Spirit

We are so honored to have the personal support from employees of Nike North America Merchandising for the 2015 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship. This scholarship seeks students that are not only excelling academically but going above and beyond with an Outlive Yourself spirit, something that falls in line with Nike’s mission to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world."

With so many incredible applicants for this year's scholarship, narrowing down to just five students was a difficult decision for committee members. It is with great honor and joy that we proudly announce our 2015 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship Recipients:

Congratulations to Alejandro Gonzalez, Allison Lipovsky, Rebekah Moomau, Geneva Werner, and Christopher Zhou!

“...these students are absolutely incredible and without ever meeting them, it’s crystal clear that they exude ‘Outlive Yourself' all in aspects of their lives! I not only feel immensely grateful to have been involved in this process, but also completely inspired to continue championing ‘Outlive Yourself’ in my daily life, and encouraging others to do so as well. THANK YOU for allowing Nike to be a part of your amazing organization!”

- Nike Employee and 2015 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship Committee Member

Meet the 2015 Scholarship Recipients

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Outlive Yourself, Each & Every Day: “Do Small Things with Great Love”

Written by Maggie Gross, 2012 Taylor's Gift Scholarship Recipient

When I first started thinking about my ‘Outlive Yourself’ pledge, the answer was simple: I will make a difference in the lives of others. My dream job – a job that will make a difference – is an extension of a childhood passion of mine. When I was little, I spent many hours with my sister and friends playing with baby dolls and playing hospital. My senior year of high school, after shadowing a labor and delivery nurse, I knew I had found what I was meant to do. Now, as a senior nursing student at Texas Christian University, I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

The Smallest Things Can Have the Greatest Impact

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Meredith Vieira is "Giving a Voice to the Voiceless" - How will you #outliveyourself?

In the fall of 2010, Meredith Vieira - the widely recognized national journalist and talk show host - shared in a very special moment on the TODAY show with Taylor's parents, Todd and Tara Storch, and Taylor's heart recipient, Patricia Winters.

Today, Meredith Vieira - known for her presence on the TODAY show, The View, and The Meredith Vieira Show - is sharing her #outliveyourself pledge to, "Tell stories that will give a voice to the voiceless.We are honored by her support!

How will YOU #outliveyourself?

When you post your pledge on Twitter, tag @TaylorsGift and @meredithvieira so we can both share!


Watch Meredith Vieira's Video

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Celebrating Dad's Three Year Heart Transplant Anniversary

Written by Amy Brown, Daughter of a Heart Recipient

Since April is National Donate Life Month and organ donation is such an important topic, I thought it would be a great time to share our story. With all of the bad in the world today, I just wanted to share something that’s good, someone who is good. To show everyone that there are still kind, compassionate, truly awesome people in this world.

When Life Changes in a Moment's Notice

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Natalie's New Lungs: Living and Breathing to Inspire Others

Written by Natalie Griffin, Double Lung Recipient

Natalie Griffin is a 26 year old athlete and artist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She received her double lung transplant on April 10, 2013 in St. Louis, MO.

When your life takes you down a path you could have never foreseen, it is humbling - and in a good way. It is a friendly reminder from the universe that while you may think you have the starring role in the movie of your life, you’re actually just an extra in the background, playing your part just as it was given to you... while the only people who can really even notice are the other extras that surround you.

Photo: Natalie with her organ donor's mom, Tammy

My Story

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis. Despite my diagnosis, I led a very active life throughout high school. I played basketball. I was the only girl on the ice hockey team. I graduated top of my class. I never slowed down because I didn’t have time to slow down. I figured I would be dead before I would ever see the day I turned 21. So I thought, "I better hurry up and get things accomplished."

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11 Ways You Can Be a Part of the Taylor's Gift Mission

We LOVE that our supporters are so eager to help engage in our mission. Often we are approached with people saying, "I LOVE what your organization is doing. How can I help?!" So, here's an easy guide to get connected with Taylor’s Gift Foundation.  

Skim through this quick reference guide and see how YOU can be a part of the Taylor's Gift mission

Do You...

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Being an Altruistic Living Donor: Like Holding A Stranger's Winning Lottery Ticket

Written by Mike Koetting, Living Kidney Donor

Many people have asked why I chose to be a living donor; to donate a kidney to a stranger I’ve never met. I explain it like this.

Photo: Mike on the night of surgery

Imagine you have a lottery ticket in your pocket. It is a winning lottery ticket with a jackpot that is so valuable it is literally priceless, but only if you give it away to someone. The odds are very, very small that you would ever be able to use the lottery ticket yourself or even give it to someone you know. So what would you do? Would you keep the winning lottery ticket in your pocket your entire life, literally taking it to the grave? Or would you give it to a stranger and in doing so, dramatically change and perhaps even save their life?

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Outlive Yourself: Find Blessings in the Trials

Editors Note: Did you know that you’re probably already doing something to Outlive Yourself? Registering to be an organ donor is just one of the many ways to Outlive Yourself, but that’s just the beginning. Meet Austin, one of our 2014 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship Winners. Read about how he Outlives Himself through his journey with type one diabetes. Keep reading to learn more about how to apply for the 2015 Scholarship!

Written by Austin Fuerst, 2015 Scholarship Winner

I grew up going to middle school with Taylor Storch, and we even had a few classes together. The life that she brought to even the most boring of school science projects is hard to describe. But somehow, she made it look easy. The impact that Taylor had on my life growing up helped shape my view on life and, especially, how I wanted to live it.

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