5 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor's Gift Foundation

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Just a few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a friend when I realized something: there are accomplishments that we’ve achieved, people that we're helping, and programs that we provide (all at Taylor’s Gift Foundation) that not even our close friends and supporters know about. What about everyone else?

We are so honored to be helping people touched by organ donation, increasing awareness around the need, and registering new organ donors... but we want to make sure that the world knows what it is that we’re working towards here at Taylor's Gift.

Take a moment and learn how we're working to Regift Life, Renew Health, and Restore Families.

1. Who does the Legacy Gift Grant Program help?

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Learning About People From a Parking Lot

It was early on a Saturday morning - before sunrise - and, for the ten of us that had met at Fair Park in Dallas, our volunteer work was just beginning. With hundreds of cars parked for a local half-marathon, we quickly divided up the rows to flyer for the May 18 Disco 5K and 10K run - one of the super fun, upcoming Dallas Athletes’ races that just so happens to benefit Taylor’s Gift Foundation.

Making my way through the sea of parked cars, mechanically lifting the windshield wiper arms enough to keep the flyers in place, I was doing a lot of looking at people’s dashboards. Seeing so many in such a short amount of time, I never would have guessed that one could learn so much about another person, simply by seeing a dashboard.

Even more so, I never would have expected that such a small task could move me in such a big way.

The Biggest Takeaway

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Helping Organ Transplant Patients: One Family at a Time

I walked through the halls of Nora’s Home, visiting with staff and families. The phrase, “I don’t have words to say except, thank you…” welcomed me over and over again. Humbled, all I could do was smile.

As a contributor, Taylor’s Gift Foundation was invited to the “Grand Opening and Gala Kick-Off Event” that took place on February 12th to celebrate the official grand opening of Nora’s Home in Houston, Texas.

Taylor's Gift Founder, Todd Storch with Nora's Home Executive Director, Kayla Lehmann

A Celebration

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Helping a Mother in Need: A Legacy Gift Story

I opened the email and read. I wasn’t completely prepared for the next few sentences...

...her father died and became a donor in December 2013. A month later, her mother died unexpectedly. She was left to front the payments for both funerals…

...she has an 11 year old son and she is really struggling to come up with money for rent after paying for [both] funerals and missing a number of days of work to take care of everything…

I reviewed the Legacy Gift application and responded to the Donor Family Services representative: “I will send this to our committee immediately.


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The Gift of Giving Legacy Gifts


“Christmas time is here

Happiness and cheer

Fun for all that children call

Their favorite time of the year...

Oh, that we could always see

Such spirit through the year…”

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“Christmas Time is Here,” a classic off the Charlie Brown Christmas album that hopefully everyone has heard a time or two. The song brings back sweet childhood memories of the magic of the Christmas season. As we embrace the Christmas spirit, we find ourselves reflecting on a special gift we’ve been given this year: the Legacy Gift program.

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Feeling Like a Kid at Christmas

Photo via James G. Howes

I stood at the base of the massive tree in awe. Scaffolding circled the tree’s limbs from trunk to top while workers diligently decorated the annual tribute to the holiday season. Hundreds of people gathered in amazement around the construction zone, taking pictures of the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree.

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Hidden "Outlive Yourself" Heroes: STA Care Coordinators

Today, we saw a light. As our relationship with Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA) continues to grow, we find ourselves inspired by the efforts of hidden heroes working in the world of organ donation. Speaking with some women from STA, a Texas Organ Procurement Organization (OPO), and working more and more with these angels that help connect families to the Legacy Gift Program, we’ve noticed that what they do is so much more than what they’re given credit for.

These generous souls work countless hours, tirelessly-with very little acknowledgement-but it’s not for a paycheck or publicity. No, they give their hearts and love to others in a way that really only the families touched by their work can fully understand, and we’re so blessed to have the opportunity to be a witness to their work. It’s about time for others to know about these incredible people!

From Sudden Death to a Gift of Life

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Nora's Home and Taylor's Gift: Giving Transplant Patients a Place to Stay

12/2/13 Updated: New article in the Houston Chronicle - Read here

Written By Nora’s Home, a Taylor’s Gift Foundation Partner

Through the love and support of Taylor’s Gift Foundation along with that of several other contributors, Nora’s Home, the first organ transplant hospitality house in Houston and the Gulf Coast region, is excited to be opening its doors to transplant patients and their families on November 20, 2013. Similar to Taylor’s Gift Foundation, Nora’s Home began when loving parents wanted to help bring hope to other families as they were facing a tragedy.

Nora’s Legacy

Nora is the sweet daughter of Drs. Lillian and Osama Gaber who was killed in a tragic accident in 1997 at the age of 7. While a typical child in many ways, Nora cared deeply about those in less fortunate situations. Wanting to carry on her legacy, the Gaber’s (Nora’s parents), came together to establish Nora’s Gift Foundation in 1998.

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