The Taylor's Gift Scholarship - Then and Now

Since 2011, we have proudly awarded the Taylor’s Gift Scholarship to graduating seniors for their outstanding “Outlive Yourself” spirit. Annually, Taylor’s Gift has recognized deserving students with a $1000 scholarship for their continued studies at a four year university or college of their choosing.

This year, the Taylor’s Gift Scholarships will be funded and presented by employees of Nike North America Merchandising. Nike’s commitment to provide inspiration and innovation to every athlete now extends to encouraging an “Outlive Yourself” spirit among graduating high school seniors!

How the Scholarship Began

The scholarships originally began in our hometown of Coppell, Texas. Because Taylor Storch was an 8th grade student at Coppell Middle School East in Coppell, it was the perfect place for us to begin giving back to the community. After Taylor experienced a tragic skiing accident and abruptly died on a family vacation to Colorado in 2010, her family wanted to plant a tree in her honor at the school's student garden. With so many people wanting to help, an "in lieu of flowers" account was created and available for the community to contribute funds. After an unexpected amount of outpour in support and love, more money was contributed than needed for the garden, and so a new idea began: scholarships.

After the Storch family founded Taylor's Gift Foundation in April of 2010, the funds from the account were designated to two specific projects: maintaining Taylor's Garden as a public use facility and establishing the Taylor's Gift Scholarship.

The Mission and Purpose

The Taylor's Gift Scholarship is awarded to the applicant that best fits the theme of “How I Have Made a Positive Impact in the Lives of Others and In My World“.  It is this giving spirit that embodies our phrase, “Outlive Yourself.

Where other scholarships focus on athletics and academic achievements, the Taylor’s Gift Scholarship seeks to highlight those students that are truly making a positive impact in their world and by describing why organ donation is important.

Our goal is to honor those students that truly are making the world a better place! 


Scholarship Winners to Date

To date, Taylor’s Gift has awarded 15 scholarships to students attending four year colleges and university across the nation. 


  • Leslie Allen - Baylor University

  • Austin Fuerst - Dallas Baptist University

  • Ambar Omar - University of Texas at Austin

  • Dylan Woodbury - Baylor University


  • Madison Coleman - Texas A&M University

  • Hannah Goralski - Loyola University Chicago

  • Zoe Krey - DePaul University

  • Kaitlyn McClew - Texas A&M University

  • Virginia Randall - Vanderbilt University

  • Madelynn Roy - University of Alabama

  • Cambrea VanKammen - Brigham Young University - Idaho


  • Maggie Gross - New Tech High School (Texas Christian University)

  • Alexis Meyer - Coppell High School (Texas State University)


  • Nicole Bartley - New Tech High School (Texas A&M University)

  • Amanda Olson - Coppell High School (University of Texas)

Scholarship Criteria & Information

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