Thanks Tangerine Salon for a "Night of Indulgence" Grassroots Fundraiser!

Taylors_Gift_Event_-_Tangerine_SalonManicures, deep conditioning treatments, hair blow-outs, make-up, and more sounds like a great girls night out… right?  Well, all thanks to one of Aveda’s signature salons - Tangerine Salon in Coppell, Texas - it was not only a great night, it was a successful Grassroots Fundraiser for Taylor’s Gift Foundation, supporting programs like Legacy GiftsScholarships, and more!

Planning with Purpose

A few months ago, Aubrey Williams - Director of Marketing and Events at Tangerine Salon - contacted me wanting to put on a special “Night of Indulgence” for Taylor’s Gift. I love this local Aveda salon and I love to get pampered (what girl doesn’t?!) so I was immediately on board with the idea.

"The story behind this organization really touched our hearts.  We are so happy that we were able to partner with them for a fun girls night out and raise awareness for such an important cause"
- Aubrey Williams, Director of Marketing and Events at Tangerine Salon

Once we had a date on our calendars, they immediately took on planning the event. They did a spectacular job of really spreading the word through their network, and the event quickly sold out.

Putting the FUN in Fundraising

The “Night of Indulgence” grassroots fundraising event was so wonderful! The atmosphere was so classy and full of energy, and it was great to have the entire Tangerine Salon staff sporting their Taylor’s Gift bracelets while pampering everyone.


The night started out with me sharing the message of Taylor’s Gift, highlighting the impact and support made by these women - simply by being there that evening. It was even more special to have two beautiful examples of the gift of life with me that evening, Kim (who is a 20 year kidney recipient) and Lisa (who received a liver recipient just this past February). They’re incredible women who give their time and talent to Taylor’s Gift as volunteers and we truly treasure their presence in making our message even more impactful.


The pampering was perfect thanks to the incredible staff at Tangerine Salon who took special care of the women with such enthusiasm and joy. It was evident that all the women there were enjoying the indulging treat - everywhere I looked there were smiles and laughter.  

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"Taylor's Gift gives so much to families in need, we just wanted to give something back to this inspirational group."
- Lauren Moake, Director of Operations at Tangerine Salon

The Little Things Go a Long Way

I was really surprised by the number of women in attendance who shared that they had “never really thought of organ donation” before! I really appreciate the several women who came up after and told me how the message from Taylor’s Gift had changed their perspective on the subject. That’s music to my ears and joy in my heart!

One sweet story was shared with me that I won’t soon forget… a young mom told me that her little boy had anxiety issues about being away from her. Years ago, she had received one of our Taylor’s Gift bracelets that said “Be a Hero” on them. Her son wore that little blue bracelet when he was away from her, and it helped him to feel brave and “Be a Hero”. Even though her story wasn’t about organ donation, it touched my heart in such a sweet way. In a seemingly simple and indirect way, my sweet Taylor had given him strength to be strong - resulting in a big impact for both this mom and her little boy.

And that is what we strive to do at Taylor’s Gift… make a difference in the lives of people - whether it be directly or indirectly, big or small - we’re here to help people. And hopefully, give more and more people the strength to do the same.

Thank you Tangerine Salon, thank you Kim and Lisa, and thank you to everyone who came out to the “Night of Indulgence” last month!

Outlive Yourself!


P.S. Click here to see photos form the event!

Making an Impact

It's people who come together to make an impact for Taylor's Gift that make our programs - like Legacy Gifts, Scholarships, and more - possible. Learn how you can "Get Involved" and help make an impact in YOUR community!


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