Experiencing 'Outlive Yourself' Beyond Registering to Become an Organ Donor

Written by Cambrea VanKammen, Taylor's Gift Scholarship Winner

Taylor's Gift Scholarship Winner Cambrea VanKammen Registered Organ DonorCambrea is a 2013 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship winner from Aurora, Illinois. She is a freshman at Brigham Young University-Idaho pursuing a degree in Spanish Education. She will spend 18 months in Puerto Rico on a service mission for the LDS church beginning March 2014. After, she will return to school in hopes of educating young people, helping them accomplish their goals, and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

This phrase, while simple and only two words, says so much. 'Outlive Yourself'. It says, go the extra mile; be an active participant in your community; shine! The words ‘Outlive Yourself are not just a phrase that is catchy and easy to remember, but rather a reminder for a way of life.

Outlive Yourself: In My Life

At my church there is a program for girls ages 12-18 that helps to prepare and equip young women for future endeavors, such as education, work, and motherhood. When I first joined the group - I was 12 - there were several young women older than me who were a really great example to me. Through their support and love they have helped to shape who I am today. By reflecting good examples, participating in service work, and positive encouragement that serves as a constant reminder of who I am and my potential - I have been able to achieve and continue to achieve much in my life, truly experiencing and embracing the ‘Outlive Yourself’ spirit.

Now, while outliving yourself is going the extra mile while living, it also has a literal meaning as well. OUTlive yourself. Make a difference even after you have lived your life. I love that these two words are associated with organ donation because this service is truly going above and beyond.

Outlive Yourself: A Commitment

As I have learned about Taylor’s Gift Foundation and their mission, it has impacted my way of thinking as I strive to be an example in the lives of people around me. Since being awarded the Taylor’s Gift Scholarship, I have humbly accepted the challenge to outlive myself. Signing up for organ donation is only one important step in the process. It also includes doing everything I can to help others shine and see their own ‘Outlive Yourself’ potential. In college I hope to do just that. I have a deep love for people. Everybody is important, and the very fact that when I go to college there will be others who are striving to get an education to participate in society proves that. Each student will, one day, be vital in providing knowledge and support as they use their knowledge in future jobs.

To influence others I will be a positive influence. I will be a shining example to those who struggle. I have had my own struggles, but that has only made me stronger and I hope to share that with those I come in contact with.

I could not be more humbled by receiving this scholarship. It has given me a chance and motivation to give back to the girls who were such an example to me.



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