Sharing the 'Outlive Yourself' Spirit - Painting it Forward with Taylor Blue

Written by Zoey M, Friend of Taylor’s Gift 

Taylor_Blue_Guest_Blog_(2)_-_Zoey_Moscowitz_Last year for my Bat Mitzvah, I had the opportunity to organize a project that would help to make my community - or world - a better place. I knew instantly that I wanted to support Taylor’s Gift Foundation and organ donation, but - wanting to do something unique - I was having a hard time deciding how to go about it. Then, I found out about Taylor Blue nail polish, and the decision was easy: I wanted to set up a booth to Paint it Forward with Taylor Blue and share how Taylor not only improved the lives of five people through organ donation, but how her story continues to inspire hope in the lives of people around the globe.

Painting it Forward with a Purpose

PSO_at_Plano_ZoeyI have known the Storch family since I was born and they’re practically extended family to us. Taylor was like a sister to me, and her story inspires me so much. Given the opportunity to organize a project to help better my community, I knew immediately that I wanted to do something for Taylor’s Gift in some way. So, last April - during National Organ Donation Awareness month - I decided to set up a booth at the Anshai Torah Spring Fair where I painted nails Taylor Blue. With the time that it took me to paint the nails of those who stopped by my booth, I had the opportunity to share Taylor’s story and the impact of registering to become an organ donor. 

For three Sundays, I painted people’s nails, shared Taylor’s story, and talked to them about Taylor's Gift. I did this to raise awareness for organ donation registrations and to raise funds for Taylor's Gift Legacy Gift grants. This project meant a lot to me because I knew that by taking the time to paint someone’s nails, I could talk to them about organ donation and make an impact. It felt great to know that I was contributing to this great foundation and spreading the word about organ donation.  

Do More, Give More, Be More... Outlive Yourself

To me, ‘Outlive Yourself means being a better person than you thought you could be. It means doing more, giving more, and being more - in ways that go above and beyond yourself. I hope that by setting up my nail painting booth, I inspired others to take action and do, give, and be more - whatever that might mean for them. I hope that by seeing a 13 year old girl do something that looks as simple as painting nails, people would see that no matter what your age is, you can still make a make a difference. Painting nails was a great way to start conversations about organ donation and the Taylor's Gift story!

Taylor’s story inspires me and I know I will keep striving to do more!

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Taylor_Blue_Guest_Blog_(1)_-_Zoey_Moscowitz_Zoey is 13 years old from Frisco,Texas. She enjoys competitive cheer, spending time with friends and family, and outliving herself.

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