Standing Out and Learning to Leave a Legacy

This post is written by Rebekah Moomau, a Taylor's Gift Scholarship recipient. Rebekah_Photo2.jpg

To me, “Outlive Yourself” means to leave a legacy. Not only a legacy after death, but also a legacy and a positive impact anywhere you go. By portraying this attitude, you have the opportunity to positively influence a variety of individuals who meet you throughout your life.

Organ donation has made a huge impact on my life. Not too long ago, a family friend was in need of a heart transplant. After already having a transplant at a young age, it came time again that he was in need of a new, healthier heart. He was placed towards the top of the transplant list because of the level of necessity. It was a very hard and stressful time, but a new heart became available within a week. It was truly a miracle, and if it hadn’t been for the individual who decided to be an organ donor, he might still not be with us today. Organ donation is such an important decision because of the major impact it can have. It not only affects the recipient, but it also influences family and friends.

Living with an “Outlive Yourself” attitude has really changed my life. I always wanted to give back something that is lasting, but have never followed through with it. In middle school, I worked with an organization that provided an opportunity to work one-on-one with a child with special needs. t touched my heart. I helped out every month, and I felt like I was making an impact. I started inviting my friends and getting other people involved, and that was how I thought I would leave an impact.  It wasn’t until recently I realized how much the program impacted me. I had the opportunity to work with the same girl for several years, and she suddenly passed away this summer. She had given me something that was lasting, and she encouraged me to continue and give something lasting to other people.

I was asked how I was going to outlive myself this school year, and I was left without an answer. In Coppell, I was in my comfort zone when it came to where I volunteered or how I intended on impacting the community. In a new town, especially a college town, those opportunities aren’t handed to you. You have to go out and seek organizations and programs to get involved in. For me, I decided to do sorority recruitment.



I know, you are probably wondering, how does sorority recruitment have anything to do with leaving a legacy? During rush week, when asked what I was passionate about, I always said giving back. Normally, that is a typical thing to say during recruitment, but I truly meant it when I said it. I talked about how I was very involved in my own community, and how I wanted to continue that here in Stillwater. But again, I was worried about how I could get involved right away. It turns out that getting involved in a sorority was the perfect way!

After I joined Kappa Kappa Gamma, I found myself being offered multiple opportunities to get involved with service and leadership, and I took them. I learned philanthropy is one of the most important aspects of a sorority, and I was so happy to learn that Kappa is very involved with theirs. I have the opportunity to leave a legacy not only in my sorority, but in my new community and within the organizations I work. I think it is the perfect way for me to outlive myself this year and throughout my college experience.

I hope by portraying an “Outlive Yourself” attitude, I am able to influence others to do the same. The difference and impact that only a few people can make is great, and I hope to lead this within my new community.


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