She's Making an Impact for Organ Donation by Giving Her Time & Talent

Taylors-Gift-Volunteer-of-the-Month-October-2014-Kim-Dicken-pictured-with-husband-ChrisWe are proud to announce that our volunteer of the month is.... Kim Dicken!

Kim is a special volunteer that has been involved in almost every event that Taylor’s Gift Foundation has organized since 2010. Helping with everything from checking-in volunteers to important behind the scenes work, no matter what the responsibility may be, Kim takes it on with gusto and a big smile. We always know that when we have a job we need her help with, her role will be completed perfectly!

Photo: Kim Dicken with husband Chris at a Sporting Clays Event

More Than a Volunteer

Kim has such a gentle spirit, but she is fiercely loyal as both a friend and volunteer. Once she began volunteering with Taylor’s Gift, her passion and commitment overflowed, giving us the joy of having the help of the entire Dicken family! Kim's husband Chris has been a vital committee member for our annual Sporting Clay event for several years now, and her four children have helped at so many of our events. We love the Dicken family!

Dicken-Family-Taylors-Gift-VolunteersPhoto: The Dicken Family

Kim also has a fun competitive side that complements her gentleness so wonderfully! At one event she was challenged her to sell a certain amount of prize drawing tickets and boy, did she! She had so much fun trying to hit her goal that she totally surpassed it!

A special friendship shared between Taylor and Kim's oldest daughter, Kate, is so meaningful to the families of both girls. If you look at Taylor’s YouTube videos, Kate is in majority of them... they were so silly and fun when they were together!

We thank Kim for her time, her talent, and - most of all - her love for Taylor’s Gift! We love you Kim! 

A Volunteer's Perspective

We asked Kim to share a bit about her experience volunteering with Taylor's Gift, and here's what she had to say:

My daughter, Kate Dicken, and Taylor Storch were best friends. These two beautiful girls brought our families together and created a wonderful friendship. We have been there for the Storch family from day one and when we were told about how Todd and Tara were going to start Taylor’s Gift, we wanted to be there to help in any way we could.

Todd and Tara are so passionate and dedicated in their pursuit to help increase organ donor awareness, I could not help but want to get involved. I wanted to help the Storch family, I wanted to help increase organ donor awareness, and I wanted to honor the memory of Taylor Storch!

Taylor Storch and Taylor’s Gift have impacted my life in so many ways. Taylor Storch was such a giving, loving, caring young lady.  Taylor has made me want to be more giving and one way I can do that is by volunteering with Taylor’s Gift. The fundraising events are amazing, inspiring, informative, and so much fun.  Meeting organ donor recipients, learning about the need for organ donation, and seeing the effects it has on the families has really impacted me. Taylor’s Gift is a true blessing - from the importance of registering to be an organ donor, to scholarships, Nora’s Home, Donate Life Float, Legacy Gifts, and so much more. Everyone should come out and be a volunteer and learn all that Taylor’s Gift is doing for organ donation.

My favorite memory as a Taylor Gift Volunteer was the very first volleyball tournament. This was one of the first fundraisers for Taylor’s Gift and watching our communities come together; I was awe-struck. Seeing so many of Taylor’s friends and acquaintances playing volleyball and volunteering, it brought tears to my eyes. There were the family, friends, teammates, coaches, teachers, neighbors, acquaintances, and others who truly wanted to help and honor Taylor and raise awareness for organ donation.

I Love the Storch Family! I Love the Outlive Yourself Spirit! I Love Taylor’s Gift and how many lives it has and will touch. It is an honor and blessing to be able to volunteer for the Taylor’s Gift Foundation.

Get Involved with Taylor's Gift

Are you looking for a way to get involved with Taylor's Gift and make an impact for organ donation? Check out our Get Involved page to learn more!


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