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The plight of those waiting for organ transplants is not something that is widely reported on, yet it is a daily struggle for over 120,000 people in the United States alone - and countless others around the globe. People of any age can be in need of an organ transplant, and we are more and more frequently seeing successful transplants in younger and older transplant recipients. Depending on the organs that a patient may require, the wait for a healthy organ match can be a long one, and, unfortunately, for an average of 18 people every day - a wait that is too long. While there is an ample amount of information on organ donation and transplants, there is still a great lack of education and many myths that surround the subject. 

Continuing to Make Great Strides for Organ Donation

The advent of organ transplants back in the 1950s heralded a new era in modern medicine. The ability of surgeons to transfer healthy organs to a living person, giving a patient a new chance at life, is truly remarkable. Medicine and transplant surgery has advanced rapidly since the very first successful living donor kidney transplant that took place in Boston, Massachusetts in 1954, including a reduced rate of transplant rejection. 

It is crucial that, globally, we continue to make strides in organ donation education, research, and best practices. In Spain for example, you are automatically considered a donor on the event of your death unless you specifically indicate that you opt out of the program. With their opt-out program, Spain is now considered the "World Leader in Organ Donations." However, many countries continue to operate on the basis that a person opt-in to the organ donor registry - with some countries even requiring citizens to carry their organ donor card. This system seems to lead to countless missed opportunities to give new life to someone who desperately needs it.

Organ Transplants & Donations Infographic

This infographic from Study Medicine Europe highlights some interesting statistics about organ donation and transplants in the United States and around the world. It presents a short timeline of the history of donations and transplants and highlights some of the issues faced post-transplant. Check it out and see how many organ donation facts you know!


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