Proud to be a Registered Organ Donon, Passionate to Pursue Purpose

Written By Zoe Krey, 2013 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship Winner

Taylor's Gift Foundation Scholarship Winner - Registered Organ Donor Zoe KreyZoe is a proud 2013 Taylor's Gift Scholarship winner from Metea Valley, Illinois. She is a freshman at DePaul University pursuing a degree in Political Science in hopes of adding a minor in professional writing in her future. She is an organ donor and encourages others to become donors as well. Zoe can't wait to continue on her journey to obtaining a degree, making new friends and learning so much about life in the process.

As I head off to college this fall, my world and surroundings are about to take a complete 360 degree turn. I’m so excited to start living on my own, make new friends, and be challenged academically, but with this excitement comes the challenge of ultimately staying true to who I am. I have the ability to reinvent myself in a place where no one knows anything about me.

However, I know that through my faith, I will continue to outlive myself through every step of the way. I will strive to make a difference in my new surroundings just as I have in my old. I will foster positive relationships with those around me. I will continue to be completely and utterly the best possible version of myself. To ‘Outlive Yourself is to think beyond your own perspective and to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. I can’t wait to experience so many new things this year and learn about so many different outlooks on life.

Outlive Yourself: In My Life

Outliving yourself is taking all the collective experiences you’ve ever had, and channeling them into who you essentially are. It’s imperative to learn from every mistake, constantly moving forward and rarely looking back. Every moment I’ve ever had in my life has led me to this point. I choose to be as selfless as I can to help others feel the warmth and happiness that a chain reaction of outliving yourself can create upon the world. As I meet new people, I will proudly state that I’m an organ donor and encourage others to be the same.

Taylor's Gift Foundation Scholarship Winner - Registered Organ Donor Zoe Krey


Winning the Taylor’s Gift Scholarship

Receiving the Taylor’s Gift Scholarship has motivated me even more to be the best version of myself in every aspect of my life. It has added an experience to my life that has humbled me. As my life continues I start to see more and more of a purpose for my existence and a reason for me to never give up. I will continue my current mindset of learning from my mistakes and living my life to not only benefit myself, but others as well as I embark on a new journey. My experiences allow me to branch out on my own and get involved in every way. By trial and error I will pursue my dreams, follow my heart, and think with my head, constantly searching for what I hope to become, and certainly never forgetting where I started.



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