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Madison_Coleman_2013_Scholarship_CHSWritten by Madison Coleman, 2013 Scholarship Winner

Madison is a 2013 Scholarship recipient from Coppell, Texas. She is a freshman at Texas A&M University pursuing a degree in Allied Health in hopes of becoming a nurse in her future. She would love to spend a year doing medical mission work and hopes to continue her education to specialize in Endocrinology or Orthopedics. She is thoroughly enjoying all the ways college is giving her to further her education and meet a wide variety of new people. Not only this, but college has provided her with the perfect opportunities to truly outlive herself.


In today's society, the idea to outlive oneself seems to have become lost. If anything, society tells us to live strictly in ourselves working to do everything in our power to live for oneself, which - to me - is completely and utterly wrong in every possible way. The world as we know it needs more people to be willing to step out of their comfort zones and live for a greater purpose that goes above and beyond themselves. To me, ‘Outlive Yourself’ means to step up and do what we are called to do: it means to make a difference in the world.

Knowing Where to Start

Our purpose in life is so often twisted into some skewed belief that we are here to make the most money or have the most friends when, in reality, we should be striving to serve those around us - helping one another become the best we can be. Encouragement is a must in these situations, which is why, in my eyes, Taylor's Gift Foundation is a beautiful blessing to the world.

Sometimes knowing how to start is the hardest part of helping. Taylor's Gift and their encouraging message to ‘Outlive Yourself’ is the perfect start. From the first time I heard this message, I instantly knew that “just living” was not enough! Actively seeking out opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those around me, and registering to become an organ donor, are simple yet powerful ways that I strive to outlive myself... literally!

A Change in Perspective

We all sometimes forget about the multitude of things happening in the lives of those around us. This is something I have learned from Taylor’s story - the story behind Taylor’s Gift. Life isn’t guaranteed, and our plans could change at the drop of a hat. It is our duty to make the best of these changes and do something worthwhile.

Life is short, and we should be trying to soak up every single second of it - and not for ourselves. One of the best ways to do this, I believe, is to help others understand that once their life is at its end, they can go well beyond it to save the life of someone else. The true ‘Outlive Yourself’ spirit is one that gives someone in need the opportunity to enjoy every single second of life.

Help Someone in Need

What greater way could you help a human than registering to be an organ donor, where you have the opportunity to give life to another in need? We can also continue our healthy life and even become a living donor. Taylor's Gift promotes something we all should be striving to do: Outlive Yourself and make a difference! You never know how giving a little something of your own could change a whole person’s life.

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