Living Organ Donor & 2018 Outlive Yourself Award Honoree: Ms. Meg Bacino





Margaret ‘Meg’ Bacino donated her kidney to her son Nick when he was 5 years old after several months of caring for him including dialysis in their home. After his transplant, Meg ran half-marathons and triathlons to increase awareness of being a living donor.  She was also involved in fundraisers that supported and encouraged organ donation. After 10 years of health Nick began to have decreased kidney function and for the last few years Meg has been with him in dialysis 3 times per week. She changed her career and has sacrificed her entire life to ensure and protect her son who is now 19. Meg also made a difference in outliving herself by sharing her experiences with others and encouraging those who she met to consider organ donation.

"Meg has inspired many, including myself, to give the gift of life when we have lost loved ones. I can think of no better way to Outlive Yourself than to be an advocate for organ donation. Because of her selfless devotion to the cause, countless lives have been saved." - Carmen White, 2018 Outlive Yourself Awards Host Committee Member


We are thrilled to honor Ms. Meg Bacino at the 4th Annual Outlive Yourself Awards on September 18th in Dallas, TX. We asked Ms. Bacino a few questions about what her thoughts were after she found out that she had won the Outlive Yourself Award. Her passion for organ donation and desire to serve others is apparent and we hope you enjoy reading this inspiring interview. Please join us on September 18th to celebrate Ms. Bacino and all of her accomplishments.

  1. Please share with us a time when you feel like you were making a lasting difference in the lives of others.

IMG_0818Being a living donor to my son, Nick, when he was 5 years old was the first and most important time I made a lasting difference in the life of another.  It showed me the importance of organ donation. He was on dialysis and could not be a “normal” child, donating a kidney to him allowed him to have an active life.  Later when his kidney failed and he contracted Post Transplant Lymphoma Disease (PTLD), he was on dialysis his entire high school career. Being there for him all the times he felt sick and through all the surgeries he had made me realize how a supportive family is imperative to the success of those with chronic life-long illnesses.


  1. What were some of your thoughts or feelings after learning you were nominated for the Outlive Yourself Awards?

When I found out that I was nominated for the Outlive Yourself Award I felt honored! To be considered for such an worthy award means so much to me after all that my son and our family has been through.  This nomination is allowing me to show others the importance of organ donation and the blessings of both living and cadaverous donation in the life of an organ recipient and their family.


  1. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone on how they can "Outlive" themselves?

My advice would be for everyone to be aware of the tremendous impact you can have on another person by being an organ donor.  Every day is a blessing. Receiving an organ changes a life overnight. I cannot describe how emotional it is to realize another family is grieving  while you are rejoicing that your family member is being given another chance. Organ donation is in fact a “Gift of Life” and is the true definition of “Outliving” yourself.




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