Join Us in Celebrating 250 Legacy Gifts!


Taylor's Gift Foundation has just reached a milestone - we have now given 250 Legacy Gifts to support organ donor families in their time of need! Our Legacy Gift program was established to provide financial assistance to individuals and families touched by organ donation. Assisting with needs such as burial expenses, utilities, rent, and more, Taylor’s Gift Foundation works to help those who are facing immediate need.


Our Legacy Gift program is critical in supporting organ donor families in need of immediate financial assistance. Whether it’s the suddenly widowed father of five who needed help paying his mortgage, or the woman who wasn’t financially able to travel to the funeral of her husband, a military veteran, Taylor’s Gift Foundation was there to help them.

 In honor of this milestone, we are launching a campaign to help support the growth of the program to reach more organ donor families facing hardship after the passing of their loved on. Our goal is 100 supporters contributing  $10 per month to help grow and expand our critical work. This monthly support will help families in their greatest time of need. If we reach our goal, we will continue to grow and expand the Legacy Gift program across the nation. We currently work in three states, Arkansas, New York and Texas, but the need and our goal is to reach all organ donor families nationally.

Will you help make a difference in the lives of others by pledging $10 per month?

Thank you for your continued support of Taylor's Gift Foundation, especially as we grow and expand the Legacy Gift program and the critical work of taking care of families in need.


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