Join Us For The Ultimate Gift 5K - A Global Event!

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Join The Ultimate Gift 5K benefiting Taylor's Gift Foundation on April 1st-30th, 2017!

This is a “virtual” 5K that can be completed anytime, anywhere, and by any method (run, walk, bike, etc…) during the month of April. Your goal is to choose to commit to the 5K (3.1 miles.) This distance can be completed all at once, over a few days, or throughout the month. You can accomplish this goal any way! Running, biking, walking, etc… You can do it outside on your own, with others, at the neighborhood park, on a treadmill, submarine, cruise ship, etc…

Don't forget to tag us @taylorsgift #OutliveYourself and encourage others to join you as well!

Want to get fit before the race? Use our Couch to 5K plan to get moving for the Ultimate Gift 5k! Click the link below to fill out a form to download the free plan!

Join the Ultimate Gift 5k today!


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