Jeff Probst to Promote Organ Donation with Taylor’s Gift Foundation

We are excited to announce that Jeff Probst - celebrity and CBS Host of the hit TV show Survivor - has joined Taylor’s Gift Foundation as a spokesperson!

Updated: 3/18/14> Read Jeff's interview at SpecialNeeds 

The Beginning

Taylor’s Gift founders, Todd and Tara Storch, first met Jeff as guests on “The Jeff Probst Show”. The show aired May 2013, spiking organ donation registrations around the nation. Seeing Todd and Tara with Patricia Winters, Taylor’s heart recipient, along with Jonathan Finger, Taylor’s kidney recipient, brought together on the show was an especially beautiful moment. The first time for the group to be together, it made for an incredible experience. 

The entire show was dedicated to the importance of organ donation, sharing Taylor’s Story, explaining the work of Taylor’s Gift Foundation, and announcing the release of the best selling book, Taylor’s Gift: A Courageous Story of Giving Life and Renewing Hope.

During the show, organ donor registrations across the nation spiked and Taylor’s Gift social media sites had a significant jump in followers. The trend continued with additional airings. The show was a special one for the talkshow; Jeff  mentions that the show with Taylor’s Story was probably one of his top ten shows! 

Click here to watch the Jeff Probst Show episode.

An Impact

Jeff_Probst_ThumbnailAfter the Storch’s introduced Taylor Blue, the exclusive nail polish created by OPI, Jeff painted his thumbnail during the show, giving organ donation an enthusisatic Taylor Blue “thumbs up”.

Following the show, Jeff gathered with Todd, Tara, Jonathan, and Patricia as the group discussed how organ donation had touched their lives. Gathered together in the dressing room backstage at the studio, Jeff was so inspired that he signed up to be an organ donor on Todd’s computer, promising to share the message with his family and spread the word about the importance of organ donation.

Click here to see the video of Jeff Probst backstage signing up to be an organ donor.

Through the months, Jeff has stayed in touch with the Storches and a friendship was formed. Wanting to continue to help spread the Outlive Yourself message, Jeff has agreed to be a spokesperson for Taylor’s Gift Foundation. We couldn’t be more excited!

Learn about Jeff

We wanted to share some of Jeff’s thoughts with our readers. Check out his answers to some of Tara’s questions:

  • Why did you want to be involved with Taylor's Gift Foundation as a spokesperson?After we worked together on my talk show I was very inspired. In fact, I signed up as an organ donor in your dressing room before you guys even left. Then my wife signed up that night and my parents the following week. It's so simple and so powerful. I do believe the more we get the word out the more lives can be saved and the more lives can live on. It's a beautiful thing.
  • What inspired you to become an organ donor?
    It's really quite simple. If I have something that can benefit someone else I want to find a way to make that happen. In the case of organ donation, it's even simpler -- I have lots of organs that could help lots of other people and --- I don't donate them until I'm done using them. What objection could anyone have to that? That's a win-win. And talk about a living legacy. You extend your life in the most profound way.
  • Finally, just for fun and for your Survivor fans, what is the one thing you would bring with you to the island if you were a contestant on the show?
    Wow, what a 180! Well, on Survivor, you can't bring anything with you so there isn't a choice to be made. What I would bring with me is lot of experience making fire with a magnesium flint and an attitude that in the game of Survivor - winning is the only thing that matters.

Register: Outlive Yourself

Jeff Probst with Taylor's Gift Spokesperson wearing Outlive Yourself t-shirtWe are thrilled to welcome Jeff to our growing list of celebrities that stand behind Taylor's Gift and help us in promoting organ donation. Join Jeff and the countless others who have registered to be an organ donor and Outlive Yourself.

Thank you Jeff!


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