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Note from Taylor’s Gift Foundation team: Olivia is a young student from Ohio who is currently in the eighth grade. She read Taylor’s Gift, the incredibly courageous story written by Taylor 20160822_080626.jpgStorch’s parents, Todd and Tara Storch, and was inspired to share the story with her teacher and classmates. We heard about this after her teacher reached out and shared Olivia’s interest. Read more about how Olivia was inspired by the incredible story of Taylor’s Gift below.

  1. How did you first hear about Taylor's Gift?

  I first discovered Taylor’s Gift at a store where I saw the book. I read the summary on the back of the book and found it inspiring, and I also remember hearing about the story somewhere but could not remember where so when I saw the book, I bought it.

  1. Why did you decide to choose the Taylor's Gift book to read?
My middle name is “Hope”, and I believe strongly in the message of hope and that everything happens for a reason. I go to church to learn about the different ways of God and this book helps share this message. Taylor’s Gift is a story of hope and finding strength in God. This book is very inspiring and helpful.
  1. What impacted you the most in the book? 
I was affected by the different stories. Mostly of how something so tragic and horrible happens, but out of it, something amazing resulted.
  1. How did you feel reading the book?
I was sad because I read how terrible things were for everyone involved, including the Storches. I was amazed that because of something so terrible, the Storches still had faith in God, which rested in a greater hope. But mostly, I was inspired that even through the loss of their daughter, God had an amazing way for them to help others restore their lives.
  1. What is one thing you learned from Taylor's Gift?  

In 2014 I was bullied and as a 13 year-old that’s pretty hard to go through and still have hope in God. But when I started reading and saw how bad others had it, and they still found a way to make it through, I didn’t feel so badly. Even though a family had lost their daughter, they still had faith and hope in God. It helped me see that if they can get through this tragedy, that I can let it go and stop being so insecure. I am amazed and inspired by the story.

  1. What is one thing you'd like your classmates/friends/family members to understand about the story of Taylor's Gift?        

Even when something tragic or horrible happens in your life, as long as you keep your faith in God, it will get better. You will come out of it, and something even better may come out of it.

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