Inspiring Entrepreneur & 2017 Outlive Yourself Award Honoree: Terri Maxwell

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Terri Maxwell's purpose is to inspire potential. She is a change agent dedicated to the concept of doing well, by doing good.

As Founder and CEO of Share On Purpose, Inc., a multi-million dollar business cultivator in Dallas, TX, Terri launches game changing companies, while training emerging leaders to run these brands. As a sought-out entrepreneurial expert, she prides herself on building companies with a purposeful mission. Everything she does is focused on living her purpose of “inspiring potential” and giving back to her community.

We are thrilled to honor Terri at the 3rd Annual Outlive Yourself Awards on September 28th in Dallas, TX. Terri shared with us her thoughts on how it feels to be an honoree at the Outlive Yourself Awards. Her passion for people and desire to serve others is apparent and we hope you enjoy reading this inspiring interview.

Please join us on September 28th to celebrate Terri and all of her accomplishments.

Question 1: Please share with us a time when you feel like you were making a lasting difference in the lives of others.

I really don’t look at the world that way, so the question is hard. My purpose is to “inspire potential” and what I do is try to live that every day. For me, that is what makes the lasting difference – the imprint I leave on others’ lives by working to inspire their potential.

As a serial entrepreneur, my business Share On Purpose makes a difference because all of our companies are built to make the world better in some way: From Promote On Purpose that helps companies transition to authentic marketing versus advertising, to IGNITE On Purpose that helps entrepreneurs scale their business through a pay-for-performance program, to Talent On Purpose that helps corporations improve their culture so they are performance driven, BY focusing on their purpose, and of course our first company, Succeed On Purpose that assists professionals in finding meaningful work, and living more successful lives.

In each of these businesses, our people are the ones who make a difference. My job is simply to inspire their potential.

Question 2: What were some of your thoughts or feelings after learning you were nominated for the Outlive Yourself Awards?

I was honored of course, but it seems quite premature. Although I believe in trying to make the world better through my life and my work, I don’t feel as if I’ve outlived myself, yet. That will certainly come, but it’s hard to see right now.

Question 3: What's one piece of advice you would give to someone on how they can "Outlive" themselves?

Participate in Organ Donation, first. Secondly, take the focus off yourself and just focus on being of service. One of the MANY lessons my grandfather taught me is that to get ahead, all you have to do is to remember that “Value wins – Just give more than you receive.”  


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