Going Down Memory Lane With a Purpose and Passion

Walking up to the door of the Kappa Alpha Theta house at Texas A&M, I was flooded with wonderful memories of being there - at the very same sorority house - as a young college student. I started to giggle remembering all the silly pranks and secrets we shared together in that house. Friends that I had made there in those years are still my friends today - we really are lifelong sisters.

Opening the door and looking around the house, more memories came back and - even though some things had noticeably changed - so much had stayed the same; for a moment, I felt like I was back in college again. The Kappa Alpha Theta pride, in particular, was just as I remembered it; a tradition that I am proud to carry with me to this day.

Leave a Legacy, Not a Reputation

Being invited to attend to a chapter meeting to talk about my journey, Taylor's Story, and Taylor’s Gift Foundation, I was so excited to have the opportunity to share my stories with some amazing young women. There I was, many - I won’t say how many - years ago sitting in those same exact chairs; now here I am as an alumni sharing my own story with my younger “sisters”. What a feeling! Blessed by the opportunity, I knew I wanted to make an impact on these young women and went with a presentation theme of, “It’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s how you react to it and learn from it that does”. 

While I knew that "my story about how organ donation personally touched my life" would be the reason I was there, I knew I wanted the girls to walk away believing the truth that they, too, can leave an ‘Outlive Yourself’ legacy. A room full of wide eyes and nodding heads, I am hopeful to have engaged them with my journey in a way that left them inspired, motivated, encouraged - equipping them with something new to help in their own personal journey through the unknown.

Outlive Yourself: Talk About It!

Sometimes organ donation can be an uncomfortable topic, right? I knew that college girls were not thinking of organ donation as being a really “cool” point of conversation, but I wanted to help them understand how easily they could share the importance of registering to be an organ donor with their friends and loved ones. Simply encouraging some conversation around what it means to 'Outlive Yourself', I was able to share with my sisters how easy it is to start a discussion about living with intention - with an ‘Outlive Yourself’ spirit - making it much more fun to talk to our friends and family about organ donation.

‘Outlive Yourself’ means so many different things! From making someone happy, to simply being kind, the ‘Outlive Yourself’ spirit is what you make of it - whether that’s just getting out there and living your life for those besides yourself, registering to be an organ donor to possibly change someone’s life someday, or maybe both... and then some.

Challenging my younger sorority sisters to think about how they are going to leave their own legacy, the girls nodded their heads. I am hopeful they took something away that day!

From One Generation of Thetas to the Next

I feel so blessed to have been asked to come speak, and I hope in some way these girls go out and make the world a better place with their own Theta touch.

These girls are leaders. They are go-getters. They are learning and teaching. Hearing my message I know they were excited to pass it along, but mostly they were touched to make a difference themselves - and that's really what matters.

Taylor Blue was a hit!

Knowing college girls and their love of nail polish, we were sure to set up a table with a display of OPI Taylor Blue. The girls flooded the table for the polish, and I was so excited to see them so eager to wear and share the message of Taylor's Gift and organ donation! Wearing Taylor Blue is another great way to start a conversation talking about how to 'Outlive Yourself' to share the importance of organ donation. "Paint it Forward" with OPI Taylor Blue! Available for a limited time only, be sure to get your bottle of Taylor Blue to celebrate National Donate Life Month (happening in April)... and be able to start conversations throughout the year!

Paint it Forward with Taylor Blue
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"Hearing our sister, Tara, talk about her passion for this cause was truly inspiring! Tara exemplified strength, hope, dedication and what it means to truly be a leading woman." - Kappa Alpha Theta Blog

Looking to inspire and motivate a crowd with hope? Invite a Taylor's Gift speaker to your next event! Todd and Tara share their journey that has led them to establishing Taylor's Gift Foundation. Messages include:

  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Tragedy to Triumph
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Organ Donation Awareness
  • Faith

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