Honoring a Hero: A Legacy Gift Story

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Inspired To Make a Difference

After her aunt passed away, a young woman made the life giving decision to register as an organ donor because she was inspired by the selfless gifts her aunt had given as an organ donor. Several years later, this young woman tragically passed away. Her family honored her wishes for her to be an organ donor and through this tragedy and her selfless gift of organ donation, several lives were transformed. 

A Light In Darkness

The shock of this tragic loss on this young woman's family was immediate. Because this was a sudden and unexpected loss, they did not have the finances to afford a funeral or even the funds to pay the morgue to set up arrangements at the funeral home. The family's loved one, the young woman who had given a selfless gift to so many people, would remain at the morgue until the family could afford a final resting place. 

The family reached out to the local organization who had counseled them through the decision to honor this young woman's wishes to be an organ donor. Through this contact, they were presented with the Legacy Gift program, the only program in the nation that offers financial support for the families of organ donors in their time of immediate need. 

A Hero Is Honored

The Legacy Gift program helped cover a portion of the costs associated to the funeral and burial costs for this family. This support offered comfort and peace to the family, who knew that their daughter would be buried with the respect and dignity that her life deserved as a hero to the many lives that she had saved.


About the Legacy Gift Program

The Legacy Gift program was established to provide financial assistance to individuals and families touched by organ donation. Assisting with needs such as burial expenses, utilities, rent, and more, Taylor’s Gift Foundation works to help those who are facing immediate need. 

By partnering with Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs), Taylor’s Gift is able to work hand in hand with these partners to fulfill the immediate needs of organ donor families.

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