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14-TLG-0002_CompanionAd_300x250_063014From the beginning of Taylor’s Gift Foundation, our intention was to be all about people. How to help people. How to make an impact to help people. How to move people to help other people.

While registering to become an organ donor immediately became our “engine”, it's really just a starting point for our purpose. Since our first year as an organization, we have been able to help people by giving back through our scholarship program. Now, we're on a journey to help people who have been touched by organ donation - through our Legacy Gift program.


"Here for Tomorrows" - our newest marketing campaign from Firehouse - helps highlights this work and we are so honored and excited to share it!

Thanks to the incredible efforts of Firehouse Ad Agency, who pulled together the creative efforts of Liberal Media Films, Charlie Uniform Tango, and Music by Design, the new video campaign is one of our best - and most exciting - to date.

With financial gifts from the Legacy Gift program first being distributed in July of 2013, we were ecstatic. After years of hard work we were finally helping families in need… but there was only one problem - it was really hard to explain that work to our supporters and everyone else. Something that was so easy and exciting to talk about in conversation, almost seemed impossible to convey over our number one channel - the internet. Striving to protect the identities of families that we help, combined with privacy laws that are involved in the process of organ donation, it seemed almost impossible to convey how much of an impact the Legacy Gift program truly makes in helping people.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so that must mean a video is worth close to a million... right? See for yourself.

Why Legacy Gifts

Experiencing first hand what it was like to be a donor family, we knew we wanted to help others who were in similar situations. The idea was there from the beginning of Taylor’s Gift, but I’ve learned that not everything that seems simple, is simple. After years of putting all the pieces in the right place - and with the help of some hidden heroes - we were finally able to get the gears moving and the Legacy Gift program off the ground.

The program is so near and dear to our hearts, and it is a privilege and honor to help those families who have been touched by organ donation, that are facing immediate need. You can learn more about the Legacy Gift program at

We’re Here for Tomorrows

By partnering with Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) such as Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA) and New York Organ Donor Network (NYODN), Taylor’s Gift is able to work hand in hand with coordinators – who interact directly with donor and recipient families. When a care coordinator meets a family that is facing immediate need, they fill out an application for a Legacy Gift, indicating the amount (up to $1000 per family) and the specific area of need -  including food, shelter, clothing, funeral/burial expenses, bills, and more. Following approval from the committee, Taylor’s Gift will provide payment on behalf of the family, writing a check to the funeral home, landlord company, utility provider, and the like. Read the story of how we helped a mother in need with her rent.

In addition to providing happier, healthier, and brighter tomorrows through the help of OPOs, Taylor's Gift also has a three year “Adopt-a-Family” commitment to Nora’s Home. Nora’s Home is a Houston area facility that provides a place to stay with care, education, and support in a home-like environment to pre-and-post transplant patients and their families in the time during and after a recipient undergoes surgery. 

Making an Impact

Currently, the breakdown of help that is provided is as follows -

Burial:  46%      Food/Clothing/Shelter: 44%      Emergency Bills: 10%

Legacy Gift Categories - Taylor's Gift

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