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My Stories

Touched by Organ Donation: True Stories

Are you a family member of a donor or recipient, transplant recipient, living donor, or other individual touched by organ donation?

Please, share your journey!


Facts, Myths, and Organ Donation Information

Are there certain facts, myths, details, or other organ donation information that has impacted your life?

Share important information!

Get Involved Highlights

The Helping Hearts and Hands Behind Taylor's Gift

Are you a Taylor's Gift volunteer, or an advocate for organ donation that helps to spread the message of 'Outlive Yourself'?

Tell your story.

Taylor Blue

Paint it Forward - OPI Taylor Blue

Did you Paint it Forward with OPI Taylor Blue? Share your story about the impact of Taylor Blue!

Legacy Gift Program

The Reach

Are you a Legacy Gift recipient, or know someone who has been touched by a Legacy Gift? Share your story!