Great News in Texas for Organ Donor Registrations

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Organ donor registrations in Texas are increasing at a record pace! There are lots of reasons, but what is important is that there is lots of work to be done and you can help!

A recent article from East Texas’ KETK highlights that Texas is approaching 5 million registrants.

Closing in on 5,000,000

As of this weekend, there were approximately 4,976,501 adults over the age of 18 that are registered in the official Texas donor registry. This is a big number, but keep in mind, this represents less than 28% of Texans over the age of 18. 
As a reference point, Colorado has over 70% registered, so there’s lots of work to do!
All of us are so excited about this news and hearing from so many of you that are registering because you heard or seen the Taylor’s Gift message.
Photo Credit: Donate Life Texas

It is So Easy

Registering to become an organ donor is so easy! Going to get your drivers license? Sign up at the Department of Motor Vehicles when you are there!Don’t want to wait? Register online here. Think you are a registered donor, but want to double check? Do that here and choose Texas.

Are You Sure You are Registered?

Many we speak to believe they are registered, but find out they aren’t in their state’s official registry. Those of us that live in Texas have it easy because we can double check. We’ve seen that over half of the people that believe they are registered, when they check, realize they aren’t in the official organ donor registry.
Take a few moments right now and double check here. Choose Texas.
Thank you to the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the three organ procurement organizations in Texas that work so hard each day to help those touched by organ donation. When we began our work in April of 2010, the official Texas registry has grown nearly 4,200,000 which is an increase of 525%! It takes a lot of people to make these types of results happen!
Including you!

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