Giving Donor Families Hope, Giving Donor Families Help

Written by Noe Narro, Family Services Coordinator at Southwest Transplant Alliance

As a Family Service Coordinator for Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA), I am extremely thankful for Taylor’s Gift Foundation and the unique service they provide to our donor families through their Legacy Gift program. Each donor family I encounter means the world to me. We create a lasting bond as I assist them through a difficult time in their life, the loss of a loved one.  

During the time of a donor family’s grief, I determine what each family might need. Do they need additional grief support? Someone to just be beside them and listen? Do they have a place to stay while out of town or are they struggling to pay for unexpected expenses? My job is to be there for our families to help and guide them during their time of grief.

When I find a family is in need of financial assistance I am able to inform them about the Legacy Gift program from Taylor’s Gift Foundation, how the program can assists with a monetary gifts on their behalf, and starting the application process with them. The families I have worked with who have received financial support from the Taylor’s Gift Legacy Gift program are always overwhelmed with gratitude. Time and time again, the donor families I work with express how relieved they are knowing that someone is willing to help when they are going through such a difficult chapter in their life. 

STA has been working with Taylor’s Gift Legacy Gift program for two years now. This year, we have been able to help two families each month (on average), to provide support and financial assistance. The Legacy Gift program is special in that it helps families who have dire financial needs when dealing with the loss of their loved one. Because of our collective support of giving the gift of life, the Legacy Gift program will assist with things like gas for in-state travel to the hospital where their loved one passed, a monthly electricity bill or rent, funeral expenses, and something as simple as a one-night hotel stay. I am so appreciative of Taylor’s Gift and their willingness to assist in this way.

I personally want to say thank you to Taylor’s Gift Foundation and the generous financial supporters who make this opportunity to STA’s donor families available. Individuals who register their donation decision to save a stranger's life at the end of theirs is truly a miracle. Likewise, I appreciate the Outlive Yourself spirited supporters of Taylor’s Gift Foundation who help families they have never met during a time of need.

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Many times death and even organ, eye and tissue donation is not a topic we choose to talk about as a family because it makes us feel uncomfortable. I strongly believe families should talk to one-another about their end of life decisions. Your family is already going through so much during the time of a loved one’s death, knowing what your decisions are takes the added stress and decision making off their plate.

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