Faith, Life, and Taylor’s Story: Just a Few Reasons for Registered Organ Donors

Organ donation is a beautiful thing and we love sharing some of the many reasons that inspire and encourage you to become registered organ donors. 

Why I Became a Registered Organ Donor... 

“The option to give someone else a second chance in life is what inspired me to become a registered organ donor. I see so many people hurting--and even dying--because they are waiting for a life-saving transplant to continue living their life. If just ONE person can benefit through my donation, then I am willing to be an organ donor. After God calls me home, I will be a blessing to someone else. Be blessed.” - Julie W.

“I believe that organ donation is a gift that gives life purpose. If I can help one person through organ donation then it is well worth it.” - Anonymous

 “I registered to be an organ donor because once I'm gone, why not give someone else--who has a chance to live-- the gift of life! Life is beautiful and to be able to share it or save another human being, whether known to myself or not, is something amazing! Why would I be selfish and keep my organs that are not going to be used anymore when I die, especially if those organs could save another life?! When I go there will be one family crying, why not save a life and make another family smile? Don't be selfish! You can't use them once you're gone anyway!” - Danielle W.

“I read Taylor’s Gift, the book. I want to outlive myself!” - Kathryn L.

“I have watched the lives of friends who have been directly touched by organ donation. It is such a blessing and a gift. And it can heal the hearts of grieving families just knowing that their loved one is living on in someone else!! I have received 4 blood transfusions and I would not be alive today if someone didn't give blood. I believe that everyone should give back. This is wonderful and I will share with all my family and friends. Thank you Taylor's Gift Foundation!!!” - Cari B.

“My faith in God to help others! To give back the blessing God has given to me!” - Julia S. 

“I became a donor because my husband and father had kidney transplants in the same year. My mother donated to my father, and my sister-in-law donated to my husband. My sister-in-law told me I HAD to read the book Taylor's Gift… I read it in one day. I have blood type O- which I know that is the universal donor. I would like to know that some day I could help and bring life back to someone just like my mother and sister-in-law did for my husband and father.” - Kim T.

“I was extremely touched by Taylor's story, as told so beautifully by her parents. She was a bright and beautiful spirit. I've always been in favor of organ donation but her story made me do something proactive about it.” - Julie N. 

“I finally did it! Taylor's story pushed me to it. I have put off becoming an organ donor since the age of 18. I didn't even know you could register online! showed me that. Because of Taylor's Gift Foundation, I have now registered to become an organ donor. I feel like this is one of the best decisions of my life. I pray that when the time comes for our Blessed Lord to call me home my organs can be used to save lives, and hold families together. Thank you to Taylor's Gift! Without you, I may have never took that step to donate. May God bless you for the acts of love and giving. It is truly a breath of fresh air.” - Jessica M.

 “Everyone deserves a chance to live. If I can give someone that opportunity when they need the help, I want to do that. I don't need my organs when I'm gone, I will be in heaven with my Lord Jesus. Someone else deserves the chance to take on my organs and live a full life.” - Brooke A.

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