Celebrity Causes: Alex O'Loughlin Fansites Increasing Organ Donation Awareness

Written By Angela Gerstner, Avid Fan of Taylor’s Gift Spokesperson Alex O’Loughlin

Angela, a museum employee and translator, is a registered organ donor living in Germany who uses her Alex fansite as a platform to provide fans with information in an effort to highlight the importance of registering to become an organ donor. She hopes to encourage fans of other actors and artists who support organ donation, and other causes, to use fansites as a platform to continue to raise awareness.


Alex_headshotEven though I have been a registered organ donor for almost 30 years now, and have had the opportunity to see a close family member receive the gift of life, it wasn't until recently that I became actively involved in supporting the cause. Organ donation has been something that I've known about and supported for a long time, but it wasn't anything that I shared on a regular basis; then... I became a fan of actor Alex O'Loughlin! Following his role played as a surgeon specializing in organ transplant medicine in the show “Three Rivers”, I found his support for organ donation inspiring; learning that he was both a spokesperson for Taylor’s Gift Foundation and an ambassador for Donate Life, I knew I wanted to begin contributing to the cause.

A Close Connection to Organ Donation

When I was still a teenager, my favorite uncle received a long-awaited kidney transplant; it was the first time I realized what a blessing and wonderful gift organ donation is. After watching him endure years of exhausting dialysis, three times a week, I was able to witness my uncle return to a relatively normal life for another 15 life-filled years. Incredibly appreciative of his gift of life, my uncle would even celebrate a second birthday - on the anniversary of his kidney transplant surgery.

This very positive, very personal experience with organ donation made my decision to register as an organ donor very easy. Living in Germany it's a bit different than the common "registering" as a donor; rather, we "register" by filling in a special card to carry with us at all times. Turning 18, I immediately signed up to get an organ donor card.

Fansites Fundraising for Organ Donation

Seeing the positive impact that Alex was making, I decided to join him and his fellow fans in an effort to increase organ donor awareness and registrations. Becoming involved with the “Alex O’Loughlin Fans for Donate Life” I became a part of a group of people who regularly organize campaigns to help raise funds for organ donation organizations like Taylor’s Gift Foundation. In doing this, the group works to promote increasing organ donor registrations and through fundraising for Taylor's Gift, help those touched by organ donation.

Alex’s popularity and our fansites can be an effective tool to reach fellow fans, mixing fun and entertaining posts with facts and information about organ donation and addressing people who, otherwise, might not encounter organ donation. With the help of Alex and other fans sharing the importance of organ donation, I am hopeful that there will be more stories similar to my uncle's.

Alex O'Loughlin's Influence: Contributing to Social Causes

Even though I don't know how many people actually register as organ donors as a result of our fansite efforts and campaigns, just knowing that one single person becomes an organ donor  - who could actually save up to eight lives - as a result of our campaigns is excellent motivation to keep up the efforts. It so is inspiring that celebrities like Alex give their time and attention to causes that are working to improve the world.


Thank you to Alex, other celebrities, and wonderful fans that give their time and talents to promote organ donation!


Alex O'Loughlin, Taylor's Gift, and Taylor Blue

AlexWe are so grateful for the incredible support Alex and his fans have for increasing organ donor registrations and awareness. Alex has been helping with so many of our National Donate Life Month initiatives, and we are especially thankful for his generous help with Taylor Blue! After bottles of Taylor Blue signed by the Hawaii Five-O star sold out in a matter of hours earlier this month, Alex generously signed additional bottles of Taylor Blue... and now they're HERE!

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