Celebrating Life: A Note From Emily Allbright, Executive Director

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April showers bring May flowers but the month of April also brings new life.  New life from those who have said yes to the gift of organ donation and who we celebrate during National Donate Life month.  

It is a month meant for sharing stories of life and hope. Working with Taylor’s Gift Foundation is a daily reminder of how precious life is and the hope found in even the simplest of things. As Executive Director, I oversee the Legacy Gifts given through our Legacy Gift program.

Daily, I am inspired and moved by the stories of the individuals who have chosen to pass along the gift of life and as an organization we are honored to help financially support their families during such a difficult time.

From covering funeral and cremation costs to unexpected housing and transportation bills, Taylor’s Gift Foundation supports donor families in their time of need. Our organization is dedicated to providing support for the families of donors who have offered the gift of life to the countless individuals touched by the single act of organ donation. With your help, we can help support brighter tomorrows through this program.

We recently launched our Monthly Giving campaign which supports initiatives like the Legacy Gift program through Taylor’s Gift Foundation. Will you consider giving on a monthly basis? When I give on a monthly basis, it is a constant reminder of the gifts of life given to provide a new hope for individuals waiting on the transplant list.

Join me and others who have said yes as a monthly supporters and let every month be filled with the hope of the gift of life that we are reminded of during Donate Life month. 

Join Our Legacy: Be a Monthly Contributor 

Outlive Yourself,


Emily Allbright, Executive Director

Taylor's Gift Foundation

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