Celebrating Family Health Month - Join The Ultimate Gift 5K!


Did you know that October is National Family Health Month?  We have a fun event happening during the month of October that will get you and your family active and engaged together for the great benefit of health and helping others!  

Movement and exercise are so vital and important to the body.  We hope that you will join us during the month of October for the first world-wide virtual event for Taylor’s Gift Foundation, The Ultimate 5K.  You can be anywhere in the world and the 5K can be completed during anytime of day!  You can  participate on your own, with a friend, a group or your family.  Accomplishing the 5K can be done through walking or running on a treadmill while on vacation, traveling for business or in your own community or neighborhood.  

Sign up today and Don't forget to tag us @taylorsgift #OutliveYourself and encourage others to join you as well!

How to Register:

1. Visit

2. Select $25 or specify an amount over $25.

3.Click on the "Designation" button and select, "The Ultimate Gift 5K".

4. Click continue to finish your registration!  

100% of your participation fee is tax deductible!

Organ donation registry is a movement.  It is a call to action for others to sign up and make a meaningful impact on the lives of others as you say how you will make a commitment “Outlive Yourself.”  

I know that I will be participating with my family...we will not be running as we will have welcomed our second son to our family but together we will stroll with our newborn in the stroller while big brother rides his bike ahead of us and as a family we are on a path to make a difference and accept the great honor of leaving a lasting legacy.

Are you ready to get moving?

Outlive Yourself,


Emily Allbright

Executive Director, Taylor's Gift Foundation


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