Get Involved for Organ Donation and Help Celebrate #DonateLifeMonth

be_a_light_for_the_gift_of_lifeThe gift of life is truly something to be celebrated! Please join us as we continue to raise organ donation awareness. Tell your friends, family, and those around you why you registered to be an organ donor (check or register to be an organ donor at and get involved with some of our ideas below!

Read and Share a Helpful One-Sheet

Share the Hope Organ Donation

Check out My Stories from the Outlive Yourself blog or personal stories from our Legacy Gift partners LifeGiftLiveOnNY, and Southwest Transplant Alliance.

Participate in Blue and Green Day on April 17 by wearing the colors blue and green to help increase awareness around the need for more organ donors.

How do you #outliveyourself?

It has been so awesome to see all the ways that people are outliving themselves. We've seen support from celebrities, friends, and so many people who have been touched by the gift of life. Will you join us? Show us your pledge!  Because outliving yourself is more than a single action. It’s an idea that’s worth sharing.

  • 1. Print your pledge at
  • 2. Take a photo and share it on social media
  • 3. Tag at least one friend that you want to take the pledge and Taylor's Gift, with the caption:

"How will you #outliveyourself?"

Take the Pledge: #outliveyourself

Help Taylor's Gift provide financial support to families touched by organ donation through our Legacy Gift program

Help Families in Need: Contribute to the Legacy Gift Program



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