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Losing a Child + Marriage = One Unpredictable Journey



If you read the title of this, you will see that I used the word ‘unpredictable’. Yep, that’s right.  When a married couple is suddenly faced with the loss of a child, the whole world around them becomes unpredictable. I know this because I’ve walked it.  

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Tara Storch: Finding Joy In Speaking


Waiting to walk onto a stage to speak always gives me butterflies. My head always starts to swirl with questions like, “Will they like the message”? “Will the technology work?” (oh goodness...that is a big concern for me), but most importantly, “Will the audience be inspired?”

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Watching Her Wait for the Gift of Life

Last week, Emily - our incredible new Executive Director for Taylor’s Gift Foundation - and I made a media visit to Houston, Texas for our upcoming May 15 Topgolf Tournament. Two of our very near and dear partners, Nora’s Home and LifeGift, are located in Houston, and I wanted to make sure that she had an opportunity to meet with them and see the first-hand impact that the Taylor’s Gift Legacy Gift program is making.

Nora’s Home was our first stop when we got into town. I was so excited to show Emily this incredible organization that Taylor’s Gift has partnered with to help transplant families in Houston. Through our Legacy Gift program, Taylor’s Gift has been honored to support the Nora’s Home Adopt-A-Family program that provides transplant patients and their families a place to stay for free, in addition to sponsoring their Family Room where these special families and their children gather and play. 

The Little Girl Who Stole My Heart

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We Have A BIG Announcement... Taylor's Gift Has an Executive Director!

In January of last year, I was nervous about a solo speaking engagement I was giving to a small mothers group. I had grown comfortable speaking with my husband, Todd, by my side but speaking alone was still so new to me. Thankfully, this sweet group of women quickly eased my nerves and made me feel welcome.

After my presentation, while signing books and chatting with them, I was approached by Emily, one of the moms from the audience. When she introduced herself she stood out immediately, and I knew there was something special about her -  not only was she was confident, kind, and humble, she was so inspired by Taylor’s Gift Foundation that she lit up talking about it. As we said goodbye, she she wanted to stay in touch, mentioning that she worked with a national non-profit and graciously offered her guidance in anyway she could.

Perfect Timing

Of course we would meet Emily just as Todd and I were beginning to discuss how we wanted to expand and grow Taylor’s Gift. She was very gracious with her time and encouragement, and we quickly found out how well respected she was in the non-profit sector. It wasn’t long before she became someone that Todd and I turned to often, seeking direction and advice for the foundation where we needed it.

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Losing a Child + Marriage = One Unpredictable Grief Journey


If you read the title of this, you will see that I used the word ‘unpredictable’. Yep, that’s right. When a married couple is suddenly faced with the loss of a child, the whole world around them becomes unpredictable. I know this because I’ve walked it.  

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Taylor is a Beautiful Candidate for Organ Donation, Would You Consider it?

It was March of 2010, on our first day of Spring Break in Colorado when my husband, Todd and I were faced with something we never thought we’d ever face in our lifetime…our oldest daughter Taylor had been in a skiing accident and the doctors told us there was no hope of her surviving.

Photo: The Family - Spring Break in Colorado

Sitting in shock in the hospital that day, we were asked a question that we’d never thought to prepare for, “Your daughter is a beautiful candidate for organ donation, would you consider it?”  

Without a Doubt

I remember distinctly looking at my husband as he stood by Taylor’s bedside.

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Thanks Tangerine Salon for a "Night of Indulgence" Grassroots Fundraiser!

Manicures, deep conditioning treatments, hair blow-outs, make-up, and more sounds like a great girls night out… right?  Well, all thanks to one of Aveda’s signature salons - Tangerine Salon in Coppell, Texas - it was not only a great night, it was a successful Grassroots Fundraiser for Taylor’s Gift Foundation, supporting programs like Legacy GiftsScholarships, and more!

Planning with Purpose

A few months ago, Aubrey Williams - Director of Marketing and Events at Tangerine Salon - contacted me wanting to put on a special “Night of Indulgence” for Taylor’s Gift. I love this local Aveda salon and I love to get pampered (what girl doesn’t?!) so I was immediately on board with the idea.

"The story behind this organization really touched our hearts.  We are so happy that we were able to partner with them for a fun girls night out and raise awareness for such an important cause"
- Aubrey Williams, Director of Marketing and Events at Tangerine Salon
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A Simple Conversation Starter on How to Talk About Organ Donation

Looking back 20 years or so, breast cancer wasn’t exactly a topic of conversation at the dinner table, much less talked about anywhere as freely as it is now. It was uncomfortable to mention the word “breast” and unless you were one of the pioneers of the cause, in no way was your awareness level at a point of thinking about often enough.

Now, you see the pink color on NFL fields, cereal boxes, special edition products… all over the place! It’s safe to say that Susan G. Komen and the others made breast cancer a topic that is easy and comfortable to talk about, even at the dinner table.

An Awkward Topic?

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Facing Fear, Finding Joy: Helping Others Understand Organ Donation

Photo: Porsche Brosseau

According to national studies, people are more afraid of speaking in public than they are of death. Would you agree? Maybe it’s easy for you (consider yourself lucky!) but for most of us, getting up in front of an audience and talking can feel like some of the longest, slowest-passing minutes of our lives.

You see, it wasn’t all that long ago when public speaking was something that completely unnerved me. But somewhere in the process of being thrown out of my comfort zone, I noticed something: the things that I didn’t like doing - those things that really challenged me - were actually becoming so much easier than I had ever imagined them being. And in some cases, those things actually started to become things that I really enjoyed.

Crazy I know, but it's a great reminder of what can happen when you 'Outlive Yourself'.

From Fear to Excitement

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Going Down Memory Lane With a Purpose and Passion

Walking up to the door of the Kappa Alpha Theta house at Texas A&M, I was flooded with wonderful memories of being there - at the very same sorority house - as a young college student. I started to giggle remembering all the silly pranks and secrets we shared together in that house. Friends that I had made there in those years are still my friends today - we really are lifelong sisters.

Opening the door and looking around the house, more memories came back and - even though some things had noticeably changed - so much had stayed the same; for a moment, I felt like I was back in college again. The Kappa Alpha Theta pride, in particular, was just as I remembered it; a tradition that I am proud to carry with me to this day.

Leave a Legacy, Not a Reputation

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