A Simple Conversation Starter on How to Talk About Organ Donation

how to talk about organ donation

Looking back 20 years or so, breast cancer wasn’t exactly a topic of conversation at the dinner table, much less talked about anywhere as freely as it is now. It was uncomfortable to mention the word “breast” and unless you were one of the pioneers of the cause, in no way was your awareness level at a point of thinking about often enough.

Now, you see the pink color on NFL fields, cereal boxes, special edition products… all over the place! It’s safe to say that Susan G. Komen and the others made breast cancer a topic that is easy and comfortable to talk about, even at the dinner table.

An Awkward Topic?

Similar to breast cancer, we fully understand that organ donation is not exactly a topic that people want to bring up at family gatherings or while riding in the car with the kids. I often hear the phrase, ”I don’t want to bring organ donation up with my family. It’s uncomfortable to talk about.” Why is that? Oh, that’s right… it’s something that deals with death and wow, that is not something we ever want to think about, much less talk about.  

Here’s the good news - it doesn’t need to be a heavy or sad conversation. Honestly, talking about organ donation can be uplifting. Yeah, that’s right. Sounds strange, but stay with me for a minute and you'll see what I mean.

One Simple Question

At Taylor’s Gift Foundation, we’ve strived to open this topic up for discussion in a positive way with two simple words: ‘Outlive Yourself."

We all want to leave the world a better place... well, I would think most of us do. We want to leave a legacy, an impact. It could mean something as simple as planting a tree, helping your local community, and yes, even organ donation.

Next time you’re with your friends or family, all you need to ask is “How do you want to ‘Outlive Yourself’?” or "What does 'Outlive Yourself' mean to you?" Watch how uplifting that conversation can be when people talk about helping others.   

Consider the Impact

Knowing that my daughter Taylor outlived herself by improving the lives of five people gave our family hope... and it didn’t stop there. Her gift touched the lives of the recipients, their families and friends, our family and friends, and on and on through this foundation we established in honor of her life. To this day, she is still outliving herself. What a blessing. What an impact.

I am so proud to be Taylor’s mom. Not only for the gifts of life that she gave, but for the life she lived and the legacy she left. I hope that our story will encourage you to make the decision to register to become an organ donor, have a conversation about organ donation, and inspire you to ‘Outlive Yourself’ in more ways than one.

So, how do you want to ‘Outlive Yourself?

Tell Us: What does 'Outlive Yourself' mean to you? 

Why it Matters

While it might be awkward or uncomfortable at first, talking about organ donation makes a difference. Organ donation saves and improves lives for recipients and their families, while oftentimes giving hope to donor families. At the core, sharing the message of 'Outlive Yourself' is about helping people. Learn more by reading posts from the "My Stories" category.

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