A Passion for Serving Turns into Giving the Gift of Life

Jun_and_TreshaHave you heard of Tresha Glowacki? No? Well, now you have... she is our July Volunteer of the Month!   

Tresha was one of our very first volunteers in the days when Taylor's Gift Foundation was just being established. She has volunteered her photography talents at our events, helped with behind the scenes details on countless projects, shared our message through local publications, and so much more.

Because of her passion for the Foundation's mission, Tresha had herself tested for a local teenager who was in desperate need of a kidney. A perfect match, Tresha is now a living kidney donor! We were able to witness first hand as she provided the beautiful gift of life to someone in need - a true blessing to us. Now, four years later, that sweet teenage boy is thriving and enjoying life! Not only does Tresha share the message and mission of Taylor's Gift - she lives it!

What we appreciate most about Tresha is her giving spirit that just keeps on giving. She has such a servant’s heart, and is always helping others and befriending those in need. She loves big and the light within her radiates. We just adore her.

Thank you Tresha for being YOU!  

From a Volunteer's Perspective

We asked Tresha about her experience volunteering with Taylor’s Gift, and here’s what she had to say:

“I began to volunteer with Taylor’s Gift after I felt led to do a story on Taylor and her family. This was in the mere infancy of what the foundation is today. Being fellow citizens of Coppell and church parishioners, it was just natural to volunteer. Daily "ah-ha" moments kept fueling all of us during that time. Tears of joy eventually lessened the tears of sadness.

Following God's plan with my role in the organization, I was learning way more than I ever thought about statistics for the need of organ donation, and I personally had a stake in the process. Had it not been for my involvement with Taylor’s Gift I would not have met whom I now call my kidney son, Jun Choi. March 7, 2011 I became a living donor to a then 13 year old boy that would have most likely died as he had to have both his kidneys removed.

With each passing day, each miracle, large or small, I am utterly honored to be part of Taylor’s Gift Foundation. The Storch family is my family and I am forever blessed. “

Read Tresha's Story  Becoming a Living Donor: A Mother's Life Saving Gift 


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