A Loyal Commitment to Organ Donation: How a Liver Recipient Gives Back

Lisa_and_Reid_BarkerA sweet and gentle spirit, a precious smile, and a loyal commitment to organ donation is what we are blessed with each time we are near our November Volunteer of the Month... Lisa Barker!

Lisa volunteered with Taylor’s Gift Foundation for the first time at our 4T Sand Volleyball Tournament this past summer with her husband, Reid. We've absolutely adored Lisa from the moment we met her! As a recent liver recipient she is a living example of the gift of life, and we are so encouraged by her enthusiasm and joy for life! 

She has helped out at almost every event since she became part of our volunteer family, and she is committed to helping further the mission of Taylor's Gift, supporting our efforts in any way she can. 


Since Lisa received her new liver earlier this year, she has been giving back in all sorts of ways - sharing her story, volunteering her time with Taylor’s Gift, volunteering with Southwest Transplant Alliance, and more. Her desire to show people how important it is to be an organ donor is just one way that she shows her beautiful 'Outlive Yourself' spirit.

Lisa, thank you so much for all you do - you are such a beautiful blessing to Taylor’s Gift!

Read Lisa's Story "Living Hope - Living with a Liver Transplant"

A Volunteer's Perspective

What interested you to start volunteering with us?

I started volunteering with Taylor’s Gift four months after my liver transplant. After becoming a recipient I knew that I wanted to give back and help spread awareness about organ donation and Taylor’s Gift seemed like the perfect fit for me to get involved. (Read Lisa's Story: Lisa's Living Hope)

How has volunteering impacted your life?

Volunteering with Taylor’s Gift has impacted my life in multiple ways. It has helped me to be bold when talking with others about organ donation and ‘Outliving Yourself.’ Taylor’s Gift has taught me how to effectively talk to people about having the ‘Outlive Yourself’ conversation with your family. It has been a joy to see the number of people who have registered to be organ donors because of being at a Taylor’s Gift event or hearing the Storches story. So many lives are being impacted by this foundation.

What has been your favorite experience with Taylor’s Gift?

My favorite memory as a Taylor's Gift volunteer was my first event at the Sand Volleyball Tournament in June. To see the legacy that Taylor has left is truly inspiring. I had the privilege of working the registration table at that tournament with my husband and one of Taylor’s friends. I thought it was so special that Taylor’s friends came out to the event to support the Storches mission. To see first hand the impact Taylor made on all of her friends and family was touching.

Another favorite was being at the 5th Annual Taylor's Gift Golf Tournament at TopGolf and watching how many generous people donated to the Legacy Gift program. I know how hard the donation/transplant process can be for families’ touched by these situations and to see how many lives will be impacted by these gifts is just incredible.

Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Todd and Tara have quickly become such special people in my life. If you have not read their book, Taylor's Gift, I would highly encourage everyone to do so. Their honesty and raw emotion is something that I so appreciated. Their book taught me how to pray for my donor family in such a difficult time. Tara has mentored me through this process and has given me such great advice and hope with having a relationship with my donor family. They have chosen to turn their tragedy into hope and it is truly inspiring. I have heard Tara say before, “Recipients are the walking testaments of why we do what we do.” I am blessed to be a part of their mission and love getting to share with people that I would not be here to today if it was not for a selfless family like the Storches who chose to give the most precious gift you can give - the Gift of Life.  

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