A Legacy Gift: Helping a Widow Say Her Final Goodbyes to Her Husband

autumn-201411_1920.jpgI received a call from a Care Coordinator with a special request for our Legacy Gift program. A widow contacted her to say she was not going to be able to attend her husband’s funeral without transportation assistance.  She lives about one hour away from where the funeral would take place and she did not have the ability to drive due to her failing eyesight.  Her family support system was gone with the recent passing of her husband and they lost their son in 2014.  Her husband was one who had a giving spirit and the gift of life he gave in the end was that as an organ donor.  He served our great country and was being buried with full military honors.  

The request was unusual as it was not something that “Uber” or “Lyft” or a cab service could assist with based on where they live so I called a few car services to see who we could work with to provide the needed transportation for the widow.  She shared with the Care Coordinator that she wanted to arrive at the cemetery about one hour early so that she had more time with her husband before he was laid to rest.   

I spoke with a company that would be able to assist and looked forward to helping a widow in need.  The arrangements were made and the call was made to the Care Coordinator to provide all of the information for the widow and to let her know that her transportation concerns and needs had been met and would be fulfilled with our Legacy Gift program.

The gift of transportation to provide a widow the opportunity to say her goodbyes to her beloved husband who served our country in such a honorable way was the right thing to do. In the end, he also chose to serve others with the gift of life as an organ donor.  He is truly outliving himself.  

As 2015 has come to a close, we think about the year. While there are bittersweet moments, there are also many memories and opportunities to look forward to in the future.  I encourage you to think about how you will make a meaningful impact on others and Outlive Yourself in this New Year.

May you have a blessing filled 2016!  


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