5 Inspiring Instagram Posts We Fell In Love With This Week


Oh Instagram, how we love thee. You are on Instagram... right? Facebook is great and Twitter is, well slightly overwhelming if we're being honest, but Instagram is like an endless feed of photos from new found friends from around the world! Plus it's like a treasure hunt! You never know what gems you'll find when you do a search for #organdonation or #donatelife. Share in the hope and love! Follow us @taylorsgiftorg and be sure to show us how you #outliveyourself

Five Instagram Posts We Fell in Love With This Week

"It's hard to believe my #organtransplantstory happened in a matter of three weeks. Looking back now, I didn't realize I was so close to complete organ failure. I feel so blessed to be here. I wake up everyday thankful to have another day to be the best me. I think about HER constantly and can't put into words the gratitude I have for her decision to be an organ donor. A complete stranger saved me. I hope one day I may get a chance to try to thank her family, to let them know I'm eternally grateful to her and for her. Recently #becauseofanorgandonor we celebrated my son’s first birthday and went on a family vacation. We went to Sea World, rode roller coasters, played in the sand and swam until we got pruney. I love to think about where myself and HER liver will go and do next!" – @the_waitinglist guest contributor Nicole Romine of Justin, TX. Nicole received a #livertransplant on December 17, 2014. (Photo courtesy of @nicromine) // #endthewaitinglist

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And another! #livetwice #organdonation

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