5 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor's Gift Foundation

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41.thinking-flickr-jacob_botterJust a few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a friend when I realized something: there are accomplishments that we’ve achieved, people that we're helping, and programs that we provide (all at Taylor’s Gift Foundation) that not even our close friends and supporters know about. What about everyone else?

We are so honored to be helping people touched by organ donation, increasing awareness around the need, and registering new organ donors... but we want to make sure that the world knows what it is that we’re working towards here at Taylor's Gift.

Take a moment and learn how we're working to Regift Life, Renew Health, and Restore Families.

1. Who does the Legacy Gift Grant Program help?

  • Donor Families: While there is no cost to a donor family in the organ donation process itself, all too often there are disruptions to a family’s income that can accompany the situation. Even financially stable families can consume reserves quickly, finding themselves in need of a temporary financial bridge back to their lives. Through the Legacy Gift program, Taylor’s Gift is able to provide donor families with financial assistance by paying funds directly to the designated need.

Meeting the Need - Specific Areas of Impact (% of cumulative aid served):
Bills (10%)
Burial (43%)
Food/Clothing (19%)
Housing/Shelter (28%)
Numbers as of July 22, 2014
  • Transplant Recipients: Additionally, organ transplant recipients and their families may face unforeseen circumstances that are financially taxing. There are many instances where families have to travel long distances to a specialized hospital in preparation for an organ transplant, and those costs can add up quickly. In late 2013, as a part of our Legacy Gift program, we made a three year commitment to the Adopt-a-Family program at Nora’s Home so that families who travel to the Transplant Center in Houston will have a place to stay at no cost to them. Learn more about how we’re helping organ transplant patients with a place to stay.

Learn how we’re working to Restore Families through our Legacy Gift program.

2. What does ‘Outlive Yourself’ mean?

While the idea for ‘Outlive Yourself’ was born from the marketing idea to interest people to become registered organ donors, the meaning has grown to encompass so much more. To us, the ‘Outlive Yourself’ is a spirit of giving that impacts everyday living. It’s displayed through living above and beyond one’s self - through organ donation, giving back to a local community, loving and serving one another, and beyond.

Learn more by reading 'Outlive Yourself': Where it All Began.

3. What is “Taylor Blue”?

You’ve probably heard of our OPI Taylor Blue nail polish, but do you know the impact and meaning behind it?

  • Branding: Taylor Blue defines our brand and vision of Taylor’s Gift, and has helped spark thousands of conversations about organ donation.

  • Personal Connection: Taylor Blue originated from a conversation that Taylor was having with her mom (and Co-Founder Tara Storch) where she expressed how much she appreciated the color of her eyes.

  • Worldwide Success: Taylor Blue has been shipped to every state in the US, and all over Canada, Europe, South America, and Australia!

  • Like the Sky: Many Taylor Blue fans have associated the color with sky. We find it fitting, considering the vast and wide impact that it is making across the globe.

Learn more at

4. What is the Outlive Yourself Blog?

You’re reading it right now! The Outlive Yourself Blog is one way we strive to increase awareness around the topic of organ donation - publishing articles and stories that share information, inspiration, and hope. Some of our most popular, impactful blog articles have been written by individuals sharing their personal journeys through organ donation. Have you seen them? You can find them in our My Stories category of the Outlive Yourself Blog.

Did you know we’re looking for guest bloggers? If you enjoy writing and have a story to share we would love to hear from you!

Learn how you can share your story with us.

5. What is the reach of Taylor’s Gift?

With the help of celebrity spokespersons, television and radio broadcasts, magazines and other print media, the internet and social media, and the help of great companies (like Spotify and RunAds) we have been able to reach millions with our message to ‘Outlive Yourself’. Read how we continue to increase our reach with how we celebrated National Donate Life month this past April and the help of special partners.

Learn More:  Make a Financial Contribution

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