2018 Outlive Yourself Awards Chairs, Robin and Norm Bagwell




Below is an interview that we conducted with our Chairs of the 4th Annual Outlive Yourself Awards, Robin and Norm Bagwell. Read below of their wonderful story!

Eleven years ago, Norm Bagwell, CEO of Bank of Texas and Executive Vice President of BOK Financial, had a second chance of life given to him by his wife, Robin. It was an unexpected blessing that she was a perfect match for him when he was in desperate need for a kidney transplant. The transplant happened at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and it was a wonderful success. Over these precious years that they have had since the transplant, Robin and Norm find that organ donation is something that they are very passionate about. Not only have they been active as mentors for kidney donors and recipients, they have also recognized that they can make a difference by just sharing the importance of organ donation with others.


TGF: Can you share your organ donation story with us?

Robin: When Norm was diagnosed early in life with kidney disease we both knew that a kidney transplant would be a reality in his near future.

Norm: It was a heavy dose of perspective, that was for sure.

Robin: When the time came, I did not hesitate to sign up to see if I could be a match to donate my kidney. Not once did I think about the repercussions or the impact that donating a kidney would have on me. He’s been such a life-long support for me that I was so grateful that I was able to do this for him.

Norm: I could never repay her for what she did for me. It gave me a second chance at life. This gift of life has given me the opportunity to see our children grow up while living without fear of the disease stopping me from having an active life.  


TGF: What is the most important thing that you have learned by going through the transplant?

Norm: To be grateful for each day we are given and to not waste a moment. Life is too precious.

Robin: That we want to create many memories with our children and appreciate the special moments that we have together.


TGF: Thank you for being the 2018 Chairs of the Outlive Yourself Awards! Why are you passionate about Taylor’s Gift?

Robin: We support Taylor’s Gift Foundation for many reasons. We have seen the impact they are making in the organ donation community and have been drawn to their mission. Since we have been personally affected by organ donation, we see what a life-saving gift it can be.

Norm: We love that they not only work to increase organ donor registrations, but focus on the organ donor family. We also really like the “Outlive Yourself” message and want to be part of the momentum they are having. In 2016, Robin was honored with the Outlive Yourself Award after being nominated by our daughter.

Robin: That was such a special night!


TGF: What would you say to people who want to support Taylor’s Gift?

Robin: Their efforts are near and dear to our hearts, and we hope that you will join us on September 18th for the Outlive Yourself Awards!
Norm: It’s such a special evening to celebrate people making a positive difference in the lives of others. We recognize the impact that Taylor’s Gift is making in our community and across the country.


To learn more about the Outlive Yourself Awards, please click here. 



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