2017 was a Record-breaking Year!


 In 2017, Taylor’s Gift Foundation was able to support 70 more organ donor families through our Legacy Gift program. This is an increase of 25% from 2016!  We look forward to increasing the number of gifts given to support the families of organ donors throughout 2018.


As we look at the year before us, we are reminded of our ultimate mission in bringing the Legacy Gift program to every state and every organ donor family in the nation that has an immediate financial need.


Will you help us reach this goal? Giving a one-time or monthly gift of $25 will help us continue to reach more families and grow the Legacy Gift program by more than 25% this next year.

Support Organ Donor Families 

2017 was not only a record-breaking year for Taylor’s Gift, but also for the greater organ donation community. Over 10,000 individuals chose to give the gift of life through their passing, allowing nearly 35,000 organ transplants, which is the 5th consecutive record-breaking year.


Help us sustain this continued growth for both Taylor’s Gift and the greater organ donation message of Outliving Yourself by partnering with our organization and supporting our work. Thank you for your commitment to our mission as we grow the reach of this vital program and our mission at Taylor’s Gift Foundation.  


Outlive Yourself,


Emily Allbright

Executive Director, Taylor’s Gift Foundation

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