Inspiring Transplant Surgeon & 2017 Outlive Yourself Award Honoree: Dr. Tiffany Anthony

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Dr. Anthony is a talented transplant surgeon at Baylor Scott & White. As a prestigious female transplant surgeon she is recognized as a trailblazer by being 1 of approximately 100 female transplant surgeons in the nation.

Dr. Anthony works long hours day and night to oversee the beautiful orchestration of the gift of life through organ donation. She is the definition of selfless, always putting others before herself.

We are thrilled to honor Dr. Tiffany Anthony at the 3rd Annual Outlive Yourself Awards on September 28th in Dallas, TX. We asked Dr. Anthony a few questions about what her thoughts were after she found out that she had won the Outlive Yourself Awards. Her passion for people and desire to serve others is apparent and we hope you enjoy reading this inspiring interview. Please join us on September 28th to celebrate Dr. Anthony and all of her accomplishments. 


Question 1:  Please share with us a time when you felt like you were making a lasting difference in the lives of others.

I am very privileged in that I get to bear witness to the miracle of organ donation every day at work and so on most days, I feel like I am making a lasting difference in the lives of others.  I do realize how lucky I am in this regard.  

The reward for the fruits of my labor is almost immediate.  The transplanted organs start to function and our patients have a second start at life.  

They now live on to return to their productive lives. They live on to get married or have children. They live on to see their children go to college or get married or have their own children. They live on to accomplish things they didn’t think were possible when their health was failing.  

We generally have long-term relationships with our patients and take care of them for many years after transplant, so I am always reminded of the lasting difference that the miracle of transplant has on our patients’ lives, and I am honored to be a part of this miracle.

Question 2:  What were some of your thoughts after learning you were nominated for the Outlive Yourself Award.

I was completely honored to be nominated for the Outlive Yourself Award and overwhelmed that I was chosen to receive the award.  As transplant surgeons, we work hard, long hours in and out of the operating room, but we do it because we absolutely know we are positively affecting the lives of our patients and their families.  

Or2 (1).jpgWe all have a passion for the field of transplant because although the work is tough, the rewards are many.  

When I found out my patient, Lisa Barker, had nominated me for the award and had written an essay about me that allowed me to be chosen for the award, I was literally speechless.  You see, I did not perform Lisa’s transplant.  I have, however, taken care of her after her transplant and have seen the positive influence she has on everyone she meets.

 She lives her life daily in honor of her organ donor. She is actually an inspiration to me.  After I read the words she wrote about me, it became clear to me that she did not nominate me and I wasn’t chosen for this award because I was a transplant surgeon but because of what Lisa saw in me as a person.

Yes, becoming a transplant surgeon is considered quite an accomplishment, but being a good, caring and loving person is more important than all the degrees in the world.

 I am very proud that I get to use my gifts as a transplant surgeon to affect the lives of others, but I am most proud that others feel that who I am as a person has had a positive effect on my patients and their families.


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