Our 200th Legacy Gift: Supporting Organ Donor Families in their Immediate Time of Need


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Organ donors save lives. Taylor's Gift supports their families.  

We've reached a new milestone for our organization and our Legacy Gift program. We provided our 200th Legacy Gift this week!

We are honored to support these families in their immediate time of need following the death of their loved one, who gave the ultimate gift of life through organ donation. This amazing resource provided to organ donor families grew by 25% in 2017 and has grown to reach 200 families since the program started less than 5 years ago! Taylor’s Gift Foundation is the only organization in the country providing this lifeline to families in need following the loss of their loved one.

Will you help us continue to grow this incredible program?

Pass love onto others this month. Please consider giving in the month of February and help us reach our goal of supporting every organ donor family in their immediate time of need.

Your gift today can immediately help the families of organ donors!

  • Assist with immediate needs such as burial expenses

  • Help cover utility expenses of family facing unexpected funeral costs

  • Pay transportation costs for family members to attend funeral

Support Organ Donor Families 

Learn more about the Legacy Gift program and give today! Thank you for being a part of the legacy of love we share with others through the Legacy Gift program.  Outlive Yourself!


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